Confessions of a call girl in Bangalore

Confessions of a call girl in Bangalore

A Mysterious Girl Divulging the riddle of being a call girl

Confessions of a Call Girl in Bangalore is a true divulgence of a woman in the profession of escorting. An honest intention to assist the newcomers in the escorting world.

“I am writing my story Confessions of a call girl in my journey as a call girl.I am talking here with reconciliation and truce in my thoughts.”

Gfe Bangalore

Never pushed into this world of escorting nor did lose my parents to pursue this job of escorting. As most of my colleagues here in Gfe Bangalore confessed in Confessions of a Call Girl. Instead, choose this job to push for better living conditions in life. No job can pay this high to get to the next level I fantasise.

Instead, I am just another lady next door. Working in a call centre with clear ambitions to climb the ladder in professional life, with all the mathematics in mind. Could not come to a solution of reaching my dreams with the income receivables from a professional career. However, with ambitions and craving to live a queen lifestyle. I could not limit myself to a middle-class lifestyle. In the pursuit and long journey, I have certainly made the right choice in choosing to be a Call Girl in Bangalore penning my thoughts here in Confessions of a Call Girl.

Right or wrong, however, people may say about the decision. I felt it was a shortcut to reach my dreams. For sure will certainly not allow any critics to do pointers in my writing Confessions of a Call Girl. Nevertheless, It is life. Living the hell out of it and know in surety to make the best out here.

Confessions of a Call Girl in Bangalore – A Teenage Drama Queen in Bangalore

It is a job and choosing to do it of free will. I am doing it unbidden by anyone. The love for patrons and especially the older guys I had been out with. Lured by the nature of no emotional involvement attached to clients and love the way it goes like we are closed for two hours.

He is a stranger the very next moment we depart and bid adieu and is similar to acting in a drama. We play our part as per the directions and move on our way once it is over, and the audience here is just the person we entertain, and we crave for applause from our patrons every time.

Besides,  Call Girls in Bangalore have become superficially skilled and proficient in the art of escorting and hone the craft of seduction and luring as our skills in our curriculum vitae and do master to be better courtesan to our clients.

Additionally, Call Girls in Bangalore are not whores, and a whore is the cheapest form of prostitution. We call girls in Bangalore are highly educated courtesan and mistresses living amidst the crowd invisibly living the life of mistresses catering to only the rich and the famous.

None of the above Confessions of a Call Girl is ghostwritten and are honest confessions. I find relief in Confessions of a Call Girl in Bangalore, and correct in admitting on own free will in this noble profession of bartering love for bread and butter, and pride in serving a man in need.

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Confessions of a call girl in Bangalore