Life of Bangalore escorts

Life of Bangalore escorts

Life of Bangalore escorts- A study on the life of escorts in Bangalore.

Life of Bangalore Escorts is a detailed study of women pursuing a career as an escort in Bangalore.

To begin with, women who crave to sell themselves. Instead, Auction herself for a price for a living as a Bangalore escort.

In this case, this story is part of Gfe Bangalore’s attempt to showcase the truth in the escorting business. Bangalore escorts working in Gfe Bangalore had been meeting Patrons. Documenting their stories for over five years on this website. Each tale is written by a companion. Consequently, no ghostwriters assist her in the process of her autobiography.

The accord to sell herself to strangers had not been an easy concession

For instance, Listening to the stories here on this website. We hope to bear witness to her life. Providing Bangalore escorts with an outlet. A judgment-free ear. A sense of purgation. By sharing them here on the Gfe website. We honestly hope to facilitate recognition and understanding of issues. Prostitution never gets publicly debated. The risk of doubt, disgrace, and segregation are higher on this topic. Names and locations have changed to protect Bangalore escort ladies’ anonymity.

Incidentally, I look like a typical South Indian girl. Frankly, I have a very normal face and normal eyes. I speak like a normal person in my native language of Tamil. During my first year of college, my life changed. I became a Bangalore escort. Everything stopped being normal.

Likewise, Clients were just lonely. The debauched client is into different things that they can’t tell their wives and girlfriends. One of my lascivious gentlemen wanted me to sit and see him drinking whisky all day long. The horrible part was listening in patience. I met another guy in his home in Koramangala. We had sex with a porn movie on the television. Life moves on. We rarely get bored with so many lewd men around us.

People sell brain we sell our body

Life of Bangalore escorts

I am one of the high-class escorts in Bangalore working in Gfe Bangalore. I have entered this profession of escorting by choice. Moreover, have no scruples about it. “People sell brain we sell our body.”

What’s the excitement all about Bangalore escorts? In addition, I feel society is still in the cradle stage. Mostly, If a boy and girl go on a rendezvous date, they end up having sex that is fine. Instead, if the gentleman prefers to pay the girl for sex, it becomes unscrupulous.

If nobody wants to sell sex, it is a crime to force anyone to do so. But when men or women do want to sell their bodies. They should have that full right without encountering punishment or discrimination. If the client behaves decently, the relationship between the sex buyer. The sex seller must be considered a purely private transaction.

Gfe Bnagalore

The more Prominent reasons most women pursue the business of Escorting:

The last Pursuit, any women, will opt to get relief from her financial burden is to sleep with strangers. In Pursuit of the comfort level from financial aids. The women get immediate assistance in sleeping with strangers.

Women in India are orthodox

For that matter of concern, all women all over the world are chaste. No woman craves sleeping with strangers for a living. Fate makes the decisive move of pushing a lady to do escorting.

  • Financial incapabilities.
  • Household pledge towards brothers and parents commitments.
  • Divorced and single parentage.
  • Single and no family support.
  • Loans and borrowings in the family.
  • Commitments bankers and money lenders.
  • High level of income in the Life of Bangalore escorts.
  • The lure in seeking quick money.
  • The craving for the extravagant lifestyle in five-star hotels.
  • Appetite for good dress and accessories.

Mostly women prefer sticking to reputed escort agencies for their escort’s work-related issues.

In recent days mostly freelancers have taken a step forward in pursuing a career as an escort in Bangalore. The lure of quick money had been the case.

Mostly a woman prefers to have an agent who may handle her appointments.

I had been in the hospitality business for three years. I had started to hate going to Hotels. Honestly, I enjoyed the appetite and familiarity of the job as an escort. With fear in the bottom of my heart, I asked the client we meet first in a public place, for a beer or coffee. I phrased this as “us getting to know each other”, but it was basically to give my gut a chance to tell me whether I would get protected with the client. I was polished but adamant about all of my requests. Very few of the initial responders followed up with me after this. The ones who did sound respectful and sane were Gfe Bangalore clients.

The Safety factor makes a career as a Bangalore escort more lucrative.

Nevertheless, No escort agency can boast of protecting women’s privacy in her job as an escort. Aloofness in which the lady can operate in her career as an escort. Camouflaging the lady’s identity, in the long run, needs care by the employer. The lady aspiring to be an escort will go a long way. Sooner, she is confident about the concealment of her true identity.

Safety is a priority for any woman pursuing a job as a Bangalore escort.
Privacy for the women craving to be an escort is mandatory. Subsequently, Women usually do the job as an escort with unlimited lies unfurled with their family members.

Furthermore, the coronavirus pandemic affected jobs all over India. Consequently, women are the most hit financially. Women get to seek relief to shelter their families. Easy money comes from escorting. All she needs is concealment of her Identity to pursue the job as an escort.

Woman gets tutored to be a chaste lady

To begin with, A woman gets tutored to be a chaste lady. The phenomenon of being a virtuous woman is universal. Consequently, Nowhere in this universe is any woman allowed to stay around with men. Women seek their comfort in one man.

Mostly, women stick to the one-person concept all over their lives. She gets forced to stray off her track in the worst possible scenario.

In this case, the lady is taught to be a virtuous woman from her childhood. Nakedness is between the towel and the bathroom. Now nudity becomes her only virtue for survival. Fate does this drama with very selected women.

In the meantime, women will overcome stress. Not all women get cursed to do escorting business. God selects women who will be able to come out of this stressful life.

Prostitution is a serious, ugly, social phenomenon. Young women do this connected to the fact that they cannot survive any other way. Moreover, that is problem of society.

Gfe Bangalore
Life of Bangalore escorts

Roller coaster lifestyle of a Bangalore escort

  •   The regular clients 

Going with regular clients is a safer option.

  • Constant and regular business.

The business is regular and daily, with no interruption of the flow of clients.

  • Law enforcement threats.

Camouflaging against any possible law enforcement threats. While on a rendezvous with the client.

  • Verified and Genuine of clients get no compromises.

The client’s standards are not compromised. While on girls friends experience entourage.

Freshers versus experienced Bangalore escorts

A woman who pursues a career as a Life of Bangalore escort gets most sorted while she is fresher. A mature Bangalore escort gets less business. Lesser than a fresher who had just entered the fascinating world of Bangalore escorts.

  • The rising cost of cosmetics and dress wear.

Bangalore escorts have to keep up with the rising cost of suitable dresses and cosmetics. As they encounter the connoisseurs and debonairs of Bangalore daily.

  • Fiction weird fantasies of a lascivious starved client

Moreover, a Bangalore escort is fully conscious of the BDSM clients. An Independent escort working in Gfe Bangalore is in her full consciousness to tackle any famished salacious clients.

Protected sex with a Playful client.

In the first place, Daily, in the Life of Bangalore escorts does get annoyed by the clients for unprotected sex. An act which any sane woman will refuse. A man usually stands quite unbalanced. While in the intimate moments with women. They quite often get over-reactive in the bosom of his women. Consequently, Bangalore escorts do tactfully deal with clients who are habitual for such demands.

Incidentally, Request for unprotected sex is quite often. The man becomes a total beggar when in his height of lust. Money becomes an irrelevant factor once his libido controls his brain. Women pursuing the job as part-time lovers carefully deal with the buyer of sex in their endeavours.

  • Expletive of a hypersensitive society

Subsequently, Society curses women pursuing a job by selling themselves. Men never applaud the noble task of quenching the lust of women. The man had been questionably imprecating the lady piously doing her line of work as an escort.

Moreover, cursing women pursuing the noble profession of call girls in Bangalore. Additionally, it is quite a common agenda in the daily life of women seeking the task of being a sex worker. Likewise, society has no soft hearts for women in the career of Bangalore escorts.

  • The embargo by family members and friends.

Subsequently, the life of Bangalore escorts is on a roller coaster. Moreover, family members do not prefer to get aligned with a bitch. The final word that comes from the family is the bitch. The financial aid they had been receiving so far from the escorting business never came to their thought.

Slaughter every escort face

Consequently, a total ban by family members is a typical slaughter every woman faces. Once melodramatic family members come to know the truth of me doing Paid sex in Bangalore for a living.

Likewise, women live to all odds being an independent woman pursuing a job as a call girl is lucrative. The price the lady pays is enormous with all her sanity and chastity gone with the winds.

The advantage of joining Gfe Bangalore is limitless. 

  1. No cast couching
  2. Assurance of a monthly income
  3. Privacy and confidentiality is a priority.

More and more women are on the list of joiners for a job as an escort.

Mostly, Women are counselled not to pursue the job. Instead, with enough warnings of the negativity embarked on the profession of escorting. The negative points are highlighted, rather than the positivity in the escorting business.

Moreover, the pain of having a lingering thought of sleeping with strangers is painful—a memory to be wiped out so quickly. 

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