Story of a female escort

Story of call girls in Bangalore

Story of a female escort is a tale of a slut

Story of a female escort is a tale of a slut with a soul with blood and bones bartering love and lust for her survival.

The mongrel of an Insult on female escorts is a common occurrence in this egocentric society.

“Not every harlot is a whore and we sluts are a soul with blood and bones bartering love and lust for our survival. But the fact is escorting is an instinctive apotheosis of a female posture.”

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Harlots were virgins once. We never had an illusion of our self to be in the trade of bartering lust and love. When the fate dawned on one beautiful morning, and we had no choice but to pursue the business of escorting with honesty as our right way to live.

This hypocritical society despises a courtesan, as we had made a realistic assessment of our assets and abilities.

Moreover, Story of a female escort mask in portraying the truth. A world where authenticity is a mockery. Therefore, there is no point in bellowing our rights as female escorts to a whopper and a distortion crowd.

Incidentally, Mistresses take our clothes off and do our business of whorishness with dignity and pride. We are dignified women in minding our business as female escorts withstanding the Insult on female escorts.

Story of a female escort

Curtailing an escort

Courtesans are amused when the law of the land is muscling us female escorts down with Insult on female escorts.

Subsequently, We see the laws get framed by the exclusively masculine society. A judiciary system synchronized by men who happen to be our patrons. Honestly, we mistresses confess here there are no men who are not spared by us. Or to be precise we have taken almost all the men.

Likewise, only a very few good men are lying over there trying and residual to live a righteous life with their revered women.

To summarize, harlots wish the very best to the man who is standing alone and aloof.

An escort is women who sleep with multiple men

Story of a female escort

To begin with , Insult on female escorts is an embrace for women pursuing jobs as a female escort. Story of a female escort is a bold attempt in bringing the truth.

Bitch is women who sleep with multiple men. Women when they are holy to one man and loyal to their man.

If that fails they hurled by mongrel of insults with names. As dubious it can be ranging from a whore to a bitch.

A slut is a person who sleeps around with multiple men.

If let free will stray upon the virtuous women. Now, who is wrong here. We named as angles god sent to save a righteous woman from the debauched male gender. 

Female escorts crowned in glory

Sluts crowned in glory. We are in invisible mode. Courtesans and mistresses prefer being not seen with our profession. Bangalore female escorts as our tags. This Story of a female escort blog is dedicated to all women working as an escort.

For instance, Hookers are not feminist clans. Slightly tightly knitted with our business of escorting men. Moreover, feminism is not our language as we are ultimately the targets of women whose men we hold in captivity.

We never try to argue with the women whose neither our foe or friend in this case, as in some cases, we get the concubine status with our men.

Incidentally, Hussy women mostly taught the right. Consequently, the wrong also in our lives. Female escorts learn with the cognizance path of living.

To summarize, We live a life aloof with none of the neighbours pounding on our doors either as patrons or eavesdropping in pouring Insult on female escorts. We sluts are not in the mood of storytelling to anyone trying to snoop around us.

Likewise, Female escorts are in total control of our fate and destiny.

We do not seek the assistance of any soothsayer who is habitual on Insults on female escorts tries to oracle us.

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