Most popular questions asked of us is listed below:

No, it does not matter how old the gentleman is. At Bangalore GFE, we adapt to ensure that all preferences, tastes, and itineraries are personalized to each guest’s requests and information provided.

In fact, our girls have great respect for elderly gentlemen. Our youngest guest so far has been 22, and our oldest has been 85.

Well, then, you have found the perfect location. Bring a book, relax by the pool, and have your Angel give you a lovely massage when you feel like it, or spend some time alone when you want to.

The options are endless, and all our packages can be adapted to suit your preferences. This is your holiday, and we will do our best to make it the best you have ever had. You are not tied down by itineraries here. We offer suggestions, but the choice is always yours as to when or if you decide to take them.

If you are looking for other things to do during your adult holiday experience with us, have a detailed discussion with our staff.

Yes. We have our driver, and we can have one of our female representatives greet you at Bangalore International Airport. We can facilitate a pick-up from Bangalore airport by Bangalore escorts and this facility is available only for a regular and elite clientele.

Connect with us via email or whatsApp.

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If you enjoyed the company of a particular escort in Bangalore and wish to book her again or recommend her to a friend, simply ask for her name. Most escort names are aliases. Let us know her name at Bangalore GFE, and we will facilitate easy access to her once more.

No.Consumption of drugs or narcotics is illegal by the land of the law in Banglore.

Connect with and let us know the updated details.

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Yes, Bangalore escorts are professionals who undergo periodic check-ups by qualified physicians for any sexually transmitted diseases. They are free-willed women in the business of escorting and carry out safer sexual practices with all patrons. They prioritize safer sex and advocate for it. For more information, you can contact Bangalore GFE Team.

Medical certificates are available for inspection on request.

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Yes, we do. However, there will be additional transportation charges for hotels located far from the Bangalore town area.

Yes, there are transportation charges for Bangalore escorts. The minimum charge is INR 1000.00 within Bangalore and may vary depending on OLA and UBER charges. Please note that the transportation charges are fixed by third-party cab drivers, so bargaining is not an option. However, it is important to prioritize efficiency over slight variations in charges.

Yes, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the escort you selected, you can reject them. Please ask them to leave politely, and the Bangalore GFE Team will work on arranging a replacement for you.

Please be kind enough to reimburse their cab charges, which are a nominal amount of INR 1000.00 or more, to compensate for their time and transportation expenses.

Yes, depending on the escort experience package chosen. You can escort her.

If you want to change the girl you are with for any reason, simply inform our call representative.

If you do not want to stay with the same girl for your entire stay, please let us know when booking so that we can organize the girls you would like.

While most guests stay with the same escort, others prefer to change after two or three days. Remember, it’s your adult holiday experience, so do whatever you prefer.

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Yes, they are with you 24 hours a day. They are sharing your erotic holiday experience, you are both staying in your Hotel or Service Apartment, and your erotic companion will be with you for the entire time. However, it is not unreasonable for them to want some private time, to freshen up and attend to their personal needs.

Tipping is not mandatory and we actively discourage it. However, if you want to show your appreciation to the girl, you may give her a small gift, take her shopping, or find some other way to do so. This is entirely discretionary, and you should not feel obliged to tip the girls.

All of the Bangalore escorts speak good English, some better than others and some speak the other regional & international languages as well.

Bangalore escorts have their own limits and they must be respected. Each girl may provide certain services while others may not. If you are unsatisfied with the service provided by a girl, please speak with our representative. If we find your request reasonable, we will consider replacing the girl. However, if your request is deemed unreasonable, you will be informed accordingly.

Bangalore escorts prices is variable and mostly depends on the profiles and the packages the client may be seeking. Connect with for exact pricing.

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No Calling. Messages only.

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