Retirement announcement female escort

Retirement announcement female escort in Bangalore

The retirement announcement of a female escort in Bangalore

Retirement announcement female escort in Bangalore a true confession of women who had been into escorting business. Dared enough to announce her Retirement announcement in this website,

“I am here to say adieu to all my connoisseurs and debonair. I had felt it is officially to announce my retirement here in my web site Gfe Bangalore.”

Gfe Bangalore

Hi all,

To all who may wonder who I am, I come with many names, in my journey as a harlot. I assume I had changed 15 names by now in 3 years.

 I am announcing my Retirement announcement from my concern Gfe Bangaloreas a female escort in Bangalore. Nevertheless well in advance to thank all my patrons for being so generous in taking care of me and nourishing me with the memories shared.

Above all the reason behind this mail, stuff is to ensure. I am an Independent female escort in Bangalore admiringly generous with all in the sense of gratitude to my clients. Clients who had generosity poured me with all their love and affection. Additionally, no words match the acknowledgement I wish to thank every soul who has been with me.

Similarly, I honestly confess the lies that I had spoken in my designation as a female escort in Bangalore as in our course of conversation. In this case, the myths differ from person to person. Nevertheless, here it is an honest apology to all as nothing I spoke had the truth in it. However, this may also include the moaning, I imperfectly tried to imitate during our intimate sessions.

The mystery lady behind a female escort in Bangalore

With this in mind, I am here going now as a free bird with no obligation to sell myself. I am not here to disclose my destination, preferably with honesty, I am no more available. Subsequently, will not ever dare to sell me or take up this job as a female escort in Bangalore. However, whatever situation that may arise in my life.

Therefore, to all those still puzzled in trying to solve the mystery. Accordingly, all addicted otherwise cannot keep their eyes off me for once. Do concentrate on your family and business.

Moreover, hustlers are just like passing clouds and never too deeply ingrained in your thoughts. Therefore we are just dreams that come and fade away. 

To summarize, I am not here to make my move on a sad note. Somewhat I am parting myself in the most positive way. Particularly, I wish everyone who had been of support to me in my bad times. Besides, I wish you all the very best.

In the first place, to all those been very much infatuated with me. Subsequently frequented with me in seeking my services. I do not pride in saying adieus. However, lost with words to all my fans and cannot afford to speak in person as the client’s list seems bigger.

Generally, the best way to part is to vanish in thin air. Hence, as I know too many out there despair in my exit from this escorting trade. 

Incidentally, good times have been bestowed on me as of now. I learned the lesson of life quite the hard way. Was able to build my confidence in the most effective method when the tides of life were not in my favour. 

Retirement announcement female escort in Bangalore

The most wanted damsel in Bangalore

Nonetheless, I chose the path of female escort in Bangalore. Subsequently, pursued it with honesty and ensured every rupee worth the client spent. I know the value of money I gave the best of myself to be the most wanted damsel in the GFE team.

To summarize, I am gone now as I wished gone for a long time. Subsequently, the mission I came here to work as a female escort in Bangalore is over, and my need is fulfilled, and I am gone forever.

In the meantime, Almighty had blessed me with a path that I have to pursue in my next journey. Thereon I wish to continue to the best of my ability as honesty stands with me as my virtuous path.

Whichever happens, have a load of fun with my colleagues who are still in there in Gfe Bangalore as they are far better than I am and are seeking the same love you had showered on me. Ifsoever, you feel like connecting with me. Text WhatsApp me to get to the real me Phone: +91 8095650014

God bless all 


A Lone dove in the sky announcing her Retirement announcement as a female escort.

“In my escorting work with individuals engaged in the sale of sexual services, I consider it a privilege to support those who wish to transition into alternative forms of employment.

Counselling for aspiring Independent female escorts willing to retire

Regrettably, for many Independent escorts, there exists a shortage of sex-positive and non-judgmental support when they decide to leave the sex industry.

In Bangalore, the sole resource that professes to aid sex workers in their retirement transition is Breaking Free, which categorizes sex work as “the world’s oldest oppression” (not my first [or last] choice for sex-positive, unconditional support of individuals in the sex industry).

Gfe Bangalore purports to offer a life skills class to materially assist Independent escorts.

In therapy sessions with retiring sex workers, I’ve discovered that processing the loss of identity that accompanies this transition can be beneficial and provide a sense of closure.

Most Independent female escorts operate under pseudonyms, and with those names often comes a distinct persona, an aspect of themselves expressed exclusively through their work.

For some Independent female escorts, processing and grieving the loss of this persona, or finding ways to integrate this facet into their non-work life, can be highly beneficial.

A relief for Independent female escorts seeking to be chastity women

Since the experience of grief and loss is not always a linear process, reliance on the five stages of grief may or may not prove helpful – this depends on the individual.

In our sex-phobic culture, many female-identified individuals are not often encouraged to be sexual or confident in their sexuality. However, in sex work, being sexy and confident is expected and reinforced. Integrating this aspect of their “sex work identity” into their daily reality can be an empowering and cohesive process if it feels safe and desired for the individual.

Another crucial element of this transition is grieving the loss of the relationships Independent female escorts have with their clients.

Some Independent female escorts maintain long-term relationships with the same clients, forming close bonds. Ending these relationships can be emotionally taxing and challenging to navigate.

Establishing healthy boundaries that align with the individual’s well-being is vital during this transition. Exploring this aspect in therapy can be beneficial since there is no one-size-fits-all guide to retiring from sex work, and each person will have unique boundaries that feel right for them.

Some Independent female escorts may choose to maintain friendships with their clients, while others may decide to sever all client contacts and move forward. Both approaches to boundaries can be healthy as long as they are intentional, well-considered, and comfortable for the individual.

An effective method to ease the transition into retirement for Independent female escorts

One effective method to ease the transition into retirement for Independent female escorts is to engage in a retirement ritual. This can take various forms, involving actions that symbolize the end of one phase of work life and the beginning of a new stage or era. Some examples include:

  • Holding a type of sex work “funeral” where one symbolically or literally buries something representing their sex work career or persona.
  • Creating artwork that encapsulates their time in the sex industry.
  • Journaling, writing a letter, memoir, or book detailing their experiences as a sex worker.
  • Developing a unique memorial for their sex work persona.
  • Adapting these grief rituals in a way that resonates personally may also be helpful.

Depending on the type of sex work, some individuals may experience a sense of or an actual loss of community when they retire. This can be particularly challenging for those who work in close-knit environments like massage parlours, where strong relationships and friendships often form among workers.

Exploring ways to remain connected to the community and nurture those relationships is crucial, especially during the retirement transition. I encourage my Independent female escort therapy clients to have as many sex worker-friendly supports and resources as possible. Depending on their situation, identifying and building other sources of community and support may also prove beneficial during this transition.”

“Available Resources:

Lola Davina has recently authored a book on sex work, complete with a dedicated chapter on retirement. I recommend reading this if you’re contemplating retiring from the sex industry or already navigating this transition. Additionally, there’s a workbook accompanying the book that has received positive feedback.

Furthermore, I’m contemplating the launch of an online support group for sex workers residing in other states. If this piques your interest, please inform me if you’d like to have your name added to the list of potential group members. Your participation could provide valuable support and resources for those in similar situations.”

Retirement announcement female escort in Bangalore