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Ramya an independent high class escort with Bangalore Girl Friends Experience.

Meet Ramya a stunningly beautiful, accomplished escort, her fresh perspective and congenial personality enhance her already enticing physical appeal. Breath-taking beauty, Inspiring conversation and a candid personality make Ramya a peerless companion in a class all her own. When seeking a vivaciously rejuvenating girl friend experience, Ramya is the obvious choice.


Name: Ms. Ramya
Meeting place:Secret
What you want me to wear: Smart casual.
What you want me to do:Stay the night, have sex and act like I want it and enjoy it.


First off, I am not a whore. I do not sleep around with anyone just for money. Bangalore Girl Friend Experience independent high class escort Girls tend to be from middle to upper class families. We figure that since we are sexually active anyways, and have a certain type of guy we want to be with, why not get a little spending money on top of that. You see, we are not hooking on the corner of MG Road, or lurking in some seedy bar. Most of my “relationships” I have met through our concern Bangalore Girl Friend Experience are man, who is interested in casual sex, and of course, has the financial means for occasional stipends and grants to send my way.

So, by the middle of my first semester of my year my roommate (Bless that child for introducing me to Bangalore Girl Friend Experience) I was an independent high class escort. I do get to choose who I want to sleep with, but given that I only date one or two new guys a day, and they are all set up by “Bangalore Girl Friend Experience”, the guys are usually hot and wealthy. So I don’t really have to turn too many down. There is not like a contract, and they don’t pay every time we are intimate, but it is understood that if they expect to “seal the deal” with me, there will be some up front payments. I have never had a “client” just leave cash on the bed, but instead they usually just hand me a few Thousands Rupees here and there.Okay, so how profitable is Escorting in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience If you ask, confessions of profitability you want. Well, I am not doing as well as some of the more famous girls my group, but just last year I made over Twenty laces tax free of course.Sometimes the men I meet as an independent high class escort are the same men I meet in daily life. This can bring things a little bit close to home but, on this occasion, the result was almost incestuous!.It was nearly six months before I went on another 'date'. It took me that long to gather enough courage to say 'yes' to the many requests I had received for my services. I always knew I would. It wasn't the money: I had plenty. It wasn't the sex: I figured I could live without that or find a way to satisfy myself. It wasn't the relationship: The whole point of an escort is that the sex is free of the strings of relationship. I guess, if you really want an analysis, it's all about the thrill of the job as an independent high class escort lady, the excitement of new men and new situations, the buzz of nervous anticipation and the satisfaction of a job well done when a client is happy and satisfied. So, I went back to working as an escort. I did make one stipulation I only worked for men I'd 'dated' before or, others whom Bangalore Girl Friend Experience team specifically recommended. The system seemed to work. I got plenty of requests from Bangalore Girl Friend Experience and I selected the ones I wanted to do. I suppose I was becoming a little spoilt really, enjoying the pleasures of life in pseudo relationship with well known clients. I’ll always be known as an independent high class escort in this town,” said Ramya taking a drag off her cigarette. “Somebody always knows.”Ramya, which is not her real name, is a High Profile Model and a leading Escort lady in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience team, and has been, in Bangalore for the past four years. But you wouldn’t know it by looking at her. She’s beautiful, to be sure. But she could be confused with any student , or any one in barista or Coffee Day in town. On any particular afternoon, her cleavage is minimal, her jeans well-fitted rather than skin tight, her shoes cute and comfortable.

In other words, she doesn’t fit the stereotype of prostitutes who overdo their makeup and wear clothes that show off their bodies.“Most of the independent high class escort girls I work with at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience, they’re classier than anyone I hade been with before.But on any given evening, whether out with friends or at home relaxing with a movie, Ramya could get a call from Bangalore Girl Friend Experience. She’ll meet her clients at their homes, and also receives “in calls,” at an undisclosed location. That’s when she leaves herself at the door and turns into a fantasy, offering sensual massage …“You live a double life: who you are in the world, and then you have this other life, where you show up, pick a different name and create this illusion,” she said. “A lot of it is acting.”Despite her different names—part of that is for her protection, she said, and part is so she can tell where someone knows her from—she says it’s impossible to completely keep her independent high class escort identity under wraps. In a small town like Bangalore, word travels fast.“There’s always someone who knows in this town,” Ramya said. “And there’s such a stigma around it. Like, ‘You don’t have a brain.’ That may be true for a small percentage of girls, but a lot of us are just pretty girls looking for an easy way to pay their Dues.”

Ramya is a sensual massage therapist. In fact, she’s hoping to take her ability to put men at ease a step further by becoming a CMT, or certified massage therapist. The training takes time and money, but would add legitimacy to her title.On a typical on-call night, Ramya gets a name, an address, and an order—men typically ask for an hour or half-hour massage session, for a fixed price. Then, for out calls, she gets spruced up and heads out.“You pray it’s the right house, that someone answers the door Ramya said. “Basically, you pray for your own safety. But in the four years I’ve been doing this, I’ve never had any major issues.” That’s not to say that every woman in Bangalore who offers sensual massage is a hooker. Some actually are legit—making it difficult for law-enforcement to crack down on individuals or businesses.Ramya said she’s been approached by cops before, and follows a strict protocol so as not to get arrested. As for the rates for anything beyond a massage, every woman has a different set of standards.“I’m not going to give you a blowjob for less than INR 10,000/,” Ramya said. That number goes up to INR 20,000/ for sex.A number of Call Girls in Bangalore who advertise on Bangalore Craigslist charge anywhere from INR 2000/ to INR 10,OOO/ for what’s referred to as the “girlfriend experience,” or GFE. Basically, that means she’ll have sex with you, Ramya said. “Full-service,” or FS, means the same thing. She added: Another problem Ramya sees in the industry is the lack of knowledge some Call Girls have about how sexually transmitted diseases are, well, transmitted. And she’s known some who have walked around with STDs without getting tested for months.“It’s scary how uneducated some of these Escort girls are,” Ramya said. It’s her policy to never get intimate with a man without a condom. Even so, she gets screened for STDs every two months by the team at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience.“I worked the other night and made INR 25,000/,” she said. “The guy offered me another INR 10,000/ to have sex with him without a condom. I said, ‘No way!’ “.Being an independent high class escort girl, particularly in Bangalore, isn’t all glamour and cold, hard cash.“It is cold,” Ramya said. “I feel like I compromised myself.”Rewind the clock to four years ago. Ramya had just moved to Bangalore city and was working a “crappy, minimum-wage job.”.“A guy came in and asked me, ‘Do you want to make a lot of money?’ and gave me his card,” she said. Eventually she called him. “Half of my friends told me to go for it. The other half said, ‘what the f***k are you thinking?’ “.She was thinking it was an easier way to make her car payments, afford a nice apartment in Indra nagar and buy new clothes. “Growing up shopping at thrift stores for clothes, you really get an appreciation for jeans that fit,” she said.Lots of women get into the escort business—or other aspects of the adult-entertainment industry, for similar reasons. Some are paying their way through college or trying to support themselves as single mothers. Others do it to pay for drugs, and others do it for a sense of empowerment, Ramya said.“Most of us are a ychological mess,” she said. “Some have been abused by men in their lives, and it’s a way for them to feel empowered. They can say, ‘Ha, you’re a piece of shit—I’m taking your money.’ “That “psychological mess” is often a product of the job as much as it is a reason for doing it. Ramya admits she’s been turned off to sensuality, and even to relationships in general. As a prostitute, sex is a game, and it’s not a particularly fun one for the women involved.“None of it is fun. It’s a giant fantasy,” Ramya said. “You have to make these guys feel special, wanted, if you want them to come back. A lot of them don’t feel that way at home.”.Maybe that’s why a good portion of her clients are married men. They see relations that they pay for as something other than cheating, she said: “its business.” Plus, calling Ramya or one of her colleagues around town offers a level of secrecy you can’t get by picking someone up at a bar.“It’s really ruined my faith in marriage,” Ramya admitted.

For her, even dating is a futile effort. Either the guy she’s seeing knows what line of work she’s in and considers her unworthy of his love, or he finds out and assumes she’s trying to gold-dig him.“You can’t expect to maintain a normal relationship when you leave the house smelling like Chanel and come back smelling like Old Spice,” she said.Ramya is trying to work her way out of independent high class escort. She now has a part-time job in town ” But life beyond escorting in Bangalore city is hard to imagine. Despite the reputation she has earned for herself, which she believes will be impossible to shed as long as she stays in Bangalore, the money really is hard to resist.“I can’t support myself on a part-time job,” she said. “My overhead is now INR 30,000/ a month after doing this for so many years.”But, she admits, knowing the money came from good, old-fashioned hard work (never mind the fact that prostitution is the “world’s oldest profession"), .

Ramya sees Bangalore as the perfect breeding ground for Escorting. Lots of young women show up in town each year, some of them trying to pay their way through college, and they know Bangalore is known for being a party town. In fact, she’s approached girls the same way she was approached—"Wanna make a lot of money?”It’s not something she’s proud of.“I’ve gotten a lot of Escort girls into this,” she said, wiping a tear from her eye. “And I kind of feel like I’ve ruined their lives, too.”Looking back over the past four years, Ramya recognizes the parts of her that have changed, as well as those that she’s held on to.“When I started, I was insecure. I didn’t think I was attractive. Now I get told I’m pretty every day and I’m like, ‘whatever,’ “ she said. “But thank God I’m still intact with who I am. For sure, my morals have been stretched, but at the end of the day, I’m the only one who has to go to bed with me and wake up with me and, ultimately, live with me.”

Who cares? The client might care. That's the problem, albeit a perceived problem until you knows how to get round it.Turning up to that exclusive dinner date with your very own beautiful girlfriend on your arm is just another spoke in the wheel of impression management. The reality is, the right lady is very likely to help you clinch that business deal and charm your client to a softer stance. Your date will say something about you. She will show that you aspire to a set of values, that you are no ordinary mainstream guy but that you are living up to the ideal and that this stunning and impressive girlfriend of yours is proof of your competency, both at work and at play.A good escort agency like Bangalore Girl Friend Experience understands that the high flying businessman hardly finds the time to meet that someone special, much less have the freedoms needed to maintain a steady relationship. Sure, it’s natural that at first you might be nervous about calling an agency in India. You may even be concerned at how your date will come across. Will she be educated enough? Will she have the right social skills and finesse? If you pick the right agency and explain what you want to achieve then the right girl will be perfectly matched to your specific requirements. You will have her undivided attention and your client will be convinced that you are the guy to do business with.Not exclusive to this scenario, the same principle can equally be applied to any number of situations and settings. This might include inviting overseas business clients to a Bar in Mg Road with your stunning girlfriend, or it may be in the context of a large social function. Let’s face it - there is nothing quite as powerful and compelling as the smile of a beautiful woman with the personality and charm to melt the heart of the shrewdest of businessmen.

Bangalore Girl Friend Experience escorts can also offer a source of enjoyable companionship, fitting seamlessly into a busy schedule of a businessman that simply does not have enough time to devote to a routine social life. From sports buddy to confidant, a good escort will undoubtedly impress your friends and business contacts. They are there for you when you need them to be. They are real people too. Escorts invariably have interests as diverse as tennis, theatre, cinema, dancing, dining, travel and social entertaining. An added bonus is that a Bangalore local escort can be a valuable source of local knowledge, for tips on the best places to eat out or entertainment venues that will enrich your experience if you´re a stranger to Bangalore.Rest assured, your trusted confidant is a professional. She is good at what she does and if she looks after you she knows you will seek her company time and time again. More importantly, escorts at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience are highly skilled in the art of discretion, they have empathy with you and are by your side when you need them most, to offer a supporting ear, a comforting shoulder, or a second opinion - but never to judge you.

Whether you book one of our ladies as a travel companion for a business trip someone to chill out and unwind with when you are at a loose end for a few hours, or for a social event, or business meeting - our escorts will help you relax and ease the pressures of that stressful workday and leave you refreshed and revitalized.Bangalore Girl Friend Experience - Setting a new benchmark in standards - The caliber of our escorts speaks for itself. We cater for refined gentlemen who demand only the best. Most of our clients are returning customers. We hope to see you soon.Finally, please remember something very important. Just because men show interest in you in a bar, club or on the street doesn’t mean you’re marketable as an escort lady. This is a whole other playing field and personality profile type when it comes to men. The latter want you for “free” but watch what happens the moment you tell them, cash up front. Go a head try it. Prove me wrong, I dare you… I double dog dare you.

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