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Lady Escorts Bangalore – Vivacious Lady Escorts Bangalore is the topic given to me. I am asked to pen my thoughts on my life as an escort.

A lady escort knows the art of seduction by heart. She is a master in violating the chastity world. A revolt in living the life she desires. Living the life of a lady escort in Bangalore is not an easy task for every woman to excel in it. A complete surrender of her innocence is the only way possible to stay in tune with the escorting world.

The job of a lady escort in Bangalore is not mundane like any other job. The role of a lady escort in Bangalore needs the lady’s fullest effort to keep her inside the escorting trade business.

Engaging in intimate encounters with strangers isn’t a typical desire for women. Whether they’re younger or older, not every woman aspires to sleep with men they don’t know. It’s essential to recognize that men’s fantasies can be quite unconventional. Unfortunately, not every gentleman remains genuine in their intentions during these paid encounters.

Men do, in fact, pay to satisfy their desires, often seeking experiences that are unavailable within the confines of their marriages. As a result, women can’t consistently anticipate gentlemanly behaviour from men during these encounters.

My story of an escort starts here

I’m Anjali, and I hail from Delhi, currently pursuing a career as a lady escort. My intention is to discontinue my involvement in intimate encounters with strangers in the near future.

I’ve been asked to articulate the rationale behind my role as a vivacious escort lady in Bangalore. This request comes directly from the agency that employs me, and their appeal is for me to be candid in my narrative. In my writing, I intend to provide insight with a touch of drama.

It’s worth noting that there’s no necessity to promote our services on this website. The agency I work for, GFE Bangalore, enjoys an excellent reputation with its clients. Many of these patrons are repeat customers. The feedback from clients is the most authentic testimony I can provide. The loyalty of these clients to GFE Bangalore underscores the integrity of the women employed by the agency.

How I became a lady escort

The path that leads me to this profession of escorting is quite a strange encounter. A friend of mine who I met in a local pub in Delhi had applauded the services of Gfe Bangalore She wanted to try the same with me accompanying her as her colleague.

There we started this journey with the sole ambition to earn some good money. The craving for money is not a banned word here in this 21st century where if you are not aggressive in your career you will be blamed.

To have a few savings in life so as to settle in life. I am not the person to smell the money. As I fully understand. I am earning money. The money looks bloodstained. Every rupee of that money is hard-earned.

I have a regular career that is not fetching me enough to move ahead. Honestly, I have an aspiring ambitious vision of my tomorrow. I have no big dreams for that matter. My tomorrow gets limited with no covetousness on it.

I am not here to repent for not living life. As I aspired instead I can go to any extent to live the life I appetite. With little or more compromises with my conscience. It had been my instinct guide all these years.

The sanctification in my new job as a Vivacious lady escort 

Living with the guilt of sleeping with strangers is not my cup of tea. I had made up my mind to live the life of a Vivacious lady escort in Bangalore. Honestly with all my free will. So as not to have guilt in my conscience tomorrow. I am at my free will to sleep with total strangers and I had taken this accord of my own free will.

Once I started it was never going back. I started to work with real ardour. The devotion in my new job as a Vivacious lady escorts Bangalore leaving no spillovers of the money earned. I really stopped going to fancy cafes and started the very famous Indian way of living the savings women type.

It is a nice feeling to see my bank balance rise on a daily basis I am sleeping tight and peacefully with a secure feeling. I wish I could do a little more before I bid a final adieu to this escorting trade.

As a piece of advice to all the newcomers aspiring to be a Vivacious lady escorts Bangalore craving to enter this escorting trade. I encourage all women to establish a specific time frame and determine the amount of money they require, ensuring they stay within these limits.

This strategy will enable them to transition back into the regular life of virtuous women leading a typical, non-escorting lifestyle. Escorting is not a suitable long-term option for those who are looking for extended involvement in the field.

Based on my best understanding, the ideal duration of such a venture typically falls within the range of one to two years, but it should not exceed that time frame.

The deeper an escort aspires for the dirty money in the escorting business. The lady is falling deeper into the pit

The escorting industry welcomes newcomers with applause. An experienced escort gets a back seat in the escorting world.

I made my moves with meticulous precision, keeping specific targets in mind. I carefully consolidated all my problems into a comprehensive plan. Finally, I established a clear timeframe. With absolute clarity, I committed to working full-time as an escort, putting in all my effort and dedication. Now, I’m proud to announce that I have left the escorting business, and it happened much sooner than the timeframe I had initially envisioned.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the generous clients who showed me kindness, care, and charitable support for my well-being. I wish them all the very best in life.

With Unfeigned Regards,


Lady escorts Bangalore

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