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Independent high-class escort Bangalore speaks the life of escorts in honesty

Independent high-class escort Bangalore is my story of a Perfectly imperfect life.

Professional Bangalore model with a spunky personality. And a warm nature. Nayanthara has modelled for high-end MNC Products. Nayanthara frequents Mumbai and Delhi regularly for her commitments in a Modelling career. Her demanding modelling career allows for limited availability, so please inquire in advance with the concerned on this website for her availability. Beautiful, personable lady Nayanthara is of paramount choice when seeking beauty and charm for a sophisticated Bangalore girlfriend experience.

I am doing it now as an independent high-class escort with my concern Bangalore Girl Friend Experience. Now I feel that I was getting off scot-free with minimal psychological impact. I was having fun at first; I felt beautiful confident and adored, and I was financially secure for the first time. But those nights found their way underneath my skin. The wound is still just burrowed down deep under the folds of my subconscious like a rat nestled at the bottom of a shopping bag.

Chasing a dream debonair in Bangalore daily with a consortium of connoisseurs in the list to be knocked down is the line of activity we Independent high-class escort Bangalore pursue

Gfe Bangalore

Tale of an escort – The untold story

First and Foremost: I work as an Independent high-class escort in Bangalore and a core team lead at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience. A fast-paced, roller-coaster story of Nayanthara an independent high-class Bangalore escort a young woman’s struggle with herself, her self-image and her addictions.

Escorting is the supreme triumph of businessmen. Worst of all, Escorting reinforces all the old dumb clichés about women’s sexuality; that Bangalore escorts are not built to enjoy sex. And are little more than walking masturbation aids, Independent high-class escort Bangalore is so sensually null and void that they have to be paid to indulge in fornication. The woman can be had, bought, as often as not sold from one man to another.

When the sex war wins, Independent high-class escort Bangalore is shot as collaborators for their terrible betrayal of all women. For the moral tarring and feathering, they give indigenous women who have had the bad luck to live in what they make their humping ground.

My grievous journey as an escort

It’s not easy to write about Escorting in a real way because it is painful. As an Independent high-class escort in Bangalore, I am embarrassed to talk about my pain, about the times I am hurt. Especially when the road there was tricky and circuitous and partially of me is design. She finds herself in a cycle of prostitution and is unable to break free.

Nayanthara turns out to be an independent high-class escort in Bangalore in an attempt to secure some financial stability. From this dark emotional pit, Nayanthara starts her painful journey back to ‘wellness’ and attempts to rid herself of her addictions to the active lifestyle in Bangalore for good.

Nayanthara Confessions is a graphic tale of how life as an Independent high-class escort in Bangalore is and what can happen when we search for happiness outside of ourselves.

It is a poignant reminder that things can always get better, as long as we remember that when it’s time to leave the party, it’s time. I love escorting in Bangalore City. You get what you want, every time.

Nayanthara may look innocent on the outside. But it doesn’t take long for her to prove, that she is genuinely a gorgeous independent high-class escort with Bangalore Girl Friend Experience.

I am Living in Bangalore and have been here for a few years working in the unpredictable and mysterious world of the sex industry. You can call it what you want. Whore, escorting, call girl, a lady of the night, or prostitute is my occupation and wants to share my life and stories on my official Site Bangalore Girl Friend Experience.

Exposing the mysterious world of an independent high-class escort

I am a 25-year-old girl who grew up in Tirupathi in Andhra Pradesh. Right now, I live in Jaya Nagar, Bangalore. Want to know the funny part? I don’t want to do it for money, because I have low self-esteem. Moreover, I want to do it because I’m curious. I love men, sex, and my body. I love to travel and meet new people. I’m a social butterfly with hard conversation skills. I’m crazy about romance and seduction. My job as an independent high-class escort in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience is deliciously exciting and fun.

I have been an Independent high-class escort in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience over the years and, reticent and discrete, have my own horror stories. We all do. I appreciate my official site, Bangalore Girl Friend Experience which openly discusses this sex trade. So it always surprises me that people are so shocked at its existence. And women still are marked with that scarlet letter.

My analogy is that married women, and girlfriends, all do what we do, the difference they add emotion and one person. All women, whether consciously or not use their sexuality to get things they want and to keep him happy. It is a survival mode to use it in industry instead of marriage. Kudos to my concern Bangalore Girl Friend Experience to tell all for shedding light on this, without making it look all glamorous.

Semi-forbidden world of an independent high-class escort

The escorting Business – is a strange profession that occupies an ambiguous little area in our culture.

  • ​ What kind of services do they offer? 
  • What exactly is an independent high-class escort?​

To fall in love with our clients and to wish him adieus the very next moment is our business. Independent high-class escort Bangalore have tamed our mind to a cultivated level never to go straying when it is business.

Gfe Bangalore™

People ask so many questions about Escorting. You did that? You’re kidding.

  • What is it like to be an independent high-class escort?
  • The kind of people use the service of an independent high-class escort?
  • What types of girls work for Bangalore Girl Friend Experience?   

Men, especially, are utterly fascinated by this subject.

It’s like getting a glimpse into some mysterious semi-forbidden world, a world caricatured by pornography. Attacked by too many in the Society and speculated about by just about everybody in Bangalore.

Men get a vicarious sexual frisson thinking about escorts

Men get a vicarious sexual frisson thinking about it. Women wonder what it would be like to have someone pay and pay well for something they routinely give away. And, inescapably, people look at me and get a little scared.

I could be one of them. I am their sister, their neighbour, their girlfriend. I’m nobody’s idea of what an independent high-class escort in Bangalore looks like. Maybe that’s why I’m scared. They want an independent high-class escort to be different, and identifiable. That keeps them safe. The reality, of course, is that usually, we’re not. Oh, the girls on the streets in MG Road at night, yeah, with them, you know.

Women who work for escort services, especially like our concern Bangalore Girl Friend Experience. We don’t look any different than anyone else, even always prettier.

So we’re scared. Because, you know, we could be you, too. Maybe we are. Our clients are stockbrokers, lawyers Doctors. There are computer geeks who couldn’t tell a C-cup from a C-drive.

They owned restaurants and health spas, and they were disabled, busy, socially inept, about to be married. Mostly they see girls in offices, restaurants, and Malls in MG Road. They were the most invisible, unremarkable group of men in Bangalore. As they are in common only that they could afford to spend INR 20,0OO/ for an hour of the company from an independent high-class escort in Bangalore.

They used the time in a variety of ways, and that is my usual response when someone will, inevitably, in any conversation about the profession. Says something judgmental about the perceived degradation of exchanging sex for money.

My Story is a Confessions of Temptress in Bangalore

Because, in my experience, that doesn’t make sense. You think I am just manipulating semantics here, don’t you? I’m not: Hear me out. Many people paid by the hour, right? An employer hires a consultant, for example, based on specific areas of expertise the consultant can offer. The employer — or client — pays for the consultant’s time by the hour.

An Independent high-class escort in Bangalore is a consultant. She uses her expertise and experience in seduction and giving pleasure to fulfil a verbal contract with a client who is paying her by the hour.

An Independent high-class escort Bangalore a skilled professional possessing knowledge for which there is a demand and for which the client is willing to pay her a predetermined rate. If there’s such a gulf between these two people, if there is more degradation in one than in the other, I’d like you to explain it to me.

I have women friends who are Call centre Executives in the so-called MNC in White Fields, and I’m sorry, but I would never put up with what they have to endure every night. Not for any amount of money. Speaking of the money, it’s a pretty good hourly rate.

Sex is not esoteric or bizarre or dangerous

Remember that what we get, we don’t have to share with anybody. What we give our Concern Bangalore Girl Friend Experience is just Pea Nuts from what we earn, and the truth is this you may encounter any of our girls you may ask their opinion on this issue. I take that back: It’s a damned good hourly rate.

Occasionally there is no sex. Lonely men sometimes are just looking for company, for someone to listen to them: That’s worth the fee. The reality, however, is that most clients in Bangalore do want sex. Some want it quickly and efficiently, after which the girl is free to go; others want it as part of a date-like Girl Friend Experience sort of for which we get trained better. And there’s every imaginable situation in between. “Tonight?” For all my eagerness, that seemed very soon. Panic set in. “I’m not dressed.” I was wearing jeans and a T-shirt with a black vest and an olive linen jacket.

It is not my image of how an independent high-class escort from Bangalore Girl Friend Experience should dress. I know It was at that precise moment that I knew it was going to be all right.

Moreover, it is not anything esoteric or bizarre or dangerous. Sex was something I had done before, something I did well, and best of all escorting is something I enjoyed doing. Later, I learned that some Escort girls in Bangalore won’t kiss and that they consider their lips the only part of themselves they can withhold. I disagree. Maybe the pretence of romance is better than no romance at all. Or perhaps I like to kiss.

My Story is a confession of a Seductress in Bangalore

” Everything you had been reading about Escorting in this web site Gfe Bangalore was about how it contributed to the oppression of women. How it perpetuated men’s fantasies of control and power.”

Gfe Bangalore™

The business of Escorting had given me what I needed. It gave me financial security. And maybe, too, it gave me the thrill of having lived on the edge for a while.

Sometimes, even now, when it’s around 7 o’clock in the night, I’ll stop and wonder what’s going on tonight. Who’s working in our team at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience and who is not, which clients will call, that sort of thing. It won’t be anybody that I know, not anymore. Time has moved on, in this business faster than anywhere else. But the names don’t matter: The needs will always be the same. Telephones will ring, and girls will fix their makeup in vanity mirrors. Tonight, as every night, the money will change hands. Independent high-class escort from Bangalore Girl Friend Experience will give pleasure, excitement, mystery, hope, enchantment

I have told my story as a Seductress and a Temptress.

Nevertheless, I willingly and deliberately entered the employment of an escort agency. I do not regret having made that decision.

Because of agencies like Bangalore Girl Friend Experience, agencies do not exploit or injure their employees. Several women like myself were and continue to be able to attain a measure of financial security in a society where it is difficult for a woman to do so.

I am aware, however, and most urgently want you to be aware that many women are not in this profession, because they need to meet their commitments.

I have a positive story to tell. I’m not at all sure that my experience is that of most women involved in this business of escorting. Please don’t be so quick to call us hookers, to judge us. We could be your mother, your sister, your girlfriend, your daughter — even your college professor. No, I take that back. It’s not a matter of saying that we could be.

I like to share my unique stories and discuss things that happened in my life as an Independent high-class escort in Bangalore. It does not matter what you call it: call girl, prostitute, the lady of the night as it is my occupation. And I love to share it with the people who are interested in listening.

Okay, Guys. You always wondered if some of the girls you were working with within your office worked overtime outside the office. Sure, you heard rumours about them, but you never really took the time to go check it out with your friends if you know what I mean.

Tax-free Income of an independent high-class escort in Bangalore

Here is the beautiful truth you were probably always fantasizing about in those dirty little heads of yours. Yes, there are working girls in the office, And you probably know a bunch of us; that is right, I said “us” because I am one of them. Welcome to Confessions of Nayanthara an independent high-class escort with Bangalore Girl Friend Experience.

Bangalore escorts tend to be from middle to upper-class families as we figure that since we are sexually active anyway. And have a specific type of guy we want to be with, so why not get a little spending money on top of that? You see, we are not hooking up on the corner of MG Road, or lurking in some seedy bar in Brigade Road. Most of the relationships I have met through my team at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience.

The target is an attractive, older man. Who is interested in casual sex, and of course, has the financial means. I started as an escort in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience. I do get to choose who I want to sleep with, but given that I only date one or two new guys and they are all set up by my team at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience, the guys are usually hot and wealthy. So, I do not have to turn too many down.

It is not like a contract, and they do pay every time we are intimate. But understood that if they expect to seal the deal with me, there will be upfront payments.

No Job pays like a female escort job

I have never had a client leave cash on the bed, but instead, they usually hand me a few thousand Rupees before the action Starts. Okay, so how profitable is it you ask, confessions of profitability you want. Well, I am not doing as well as some of the more famous independent high-class escorts in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience, but just last year I made over INR 20 lacs, tax-free of course. I am an escort after all.

There are working girls or at least females behaving like escorts all over Bangalore, including in your office.

You never know, she could be that girl. I couldn’t exactly say that I wasn’t excited. I loved my job as an independent high-class escort at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience. And I knew I was one of the only lucky girls in Bangalore who could mean that despite what said job might be. How many people can say that they love their jobs?

I had the position that every girl wondered about; the job that was used between sexual partners as a role-playing game. Yes, it may have been the job that was known as the universal taboo, but I was kicking that taboo’s ass. A year ago, I would have been utterly disgusted with myself as an independent high-class escort. Heck, I used to talk to my friends about how whorish and dirty it was to sell yourself for money; the job with a hundred names ranging from Escort, prostitute, hooker, and whore.

How could I love my job? That’s what my friends used to ask me. I could understand why they asked me that. Hell, I could never understand my logic for being a prosperous Independent high-class escort in Bangalore.

I am a good sales lady to sell, myself as an independent high-class escort.

Put me in a room in nothing but my birthday suit and a man who wanted nothing more than to stick himself in me. Besides, I was cool as a cucumber. Put me in a room with three women who wanted to talk about the past, relationships, and how their sex lives sucked, and I was utterly horrified.

As I paused in my thoughts for a second. Inwardly laughed at me as I was so pathetic. Furthermore, I love what I do as an independent high-class escort.

Moreover, I loved not having to deal with all of the usual relationship crap as I loved being able to have a job that was flexible and enjoyable. I loved not having to worry about when I would get my next Salary and not having to worry about paying next month’s rent and with honesty.

I will admit that I had joked to my friend about being left with no choice but to sell my body. When I get particularly stressed about financial obligations and my lack of funds. They did not find that very funny and looked at me like I was nuts.

But, what would it be like to work your way as an independent high-class escort? And share it with the whole world? Well, not one girl is doing just that through this website.

A glimpse of the world of escorts in Bangalore

My teammates shared their confessions on our official website for you to have a glimpse of our world in Bangalore. And let me tell you, we do not hold anything back and share every graphic detail. If one of the Confessions that is very Interesting, yet at parts, very sad and disheartening, and for some reason, you cannot stop reading.

The facts we just shared on our official website Gfe Bangalore are real, and no fictitious ghostwriters are guiding us here to bellow our voice.

It is just a Sample of what is confessed. Although interesting to read, it also makes us sad about how a lady feels the pressure to have money while realizing how hard it is to live in a city like Bangalore without Money. The lady chose to be an escort as the solution.

I applauded my teammates at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience for their bravery in sharing these stories with the world, but I hope that in the future, we might be able to find a less dangerous way to make a living.

To fall in love with our clients and to wish them adieus the very next moment is our business as we Bangalore escorts have tamed our mind to a cultivated level never to go straying when it is business there is a craving desire with each of Bangalore escort pursuing a career as a female escort to be loved forever, but we are not we get hired, lovers fired once our job of lusting is over and that keeps us hankering for the infinite love.

How serious about the job as an independent high-class escort in Bangalore?


For those of you who do not know, Confessions of Independent High-class Escort in this official website is about girls, who work as Bangalore escorts for their source of income. Everything we say here is legitimate truth as of right now., I do not believe we are fabricating any of it WE WANT THE CLIENTS OF Bangalore Girl Friend Experience TO UNDERSTAND US AS FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS.

For one, this is not a low-grade erotica website featuring half-nude Girls. If she was what she says is, why would a Bangalore escort in my team at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience put herself all the trouble of detailing about herself, why the hell would specify? What does she do to her clients? We all know how to put two and two together when prostitutes have sex. For money. Is this not common knowledge? Let me know if it is not.

People need to understand Gfe Bangalore has much better material and too many folks as we depend upon this Concern for their bread and butter, Crusaders and Kin heated Samaritans who would like to advise us on discontinuing our line of work are requested NOT to contact us. Remember, if you really would like to help us, then do utilize our services and pay us MORE than our rates! It would go a long way in making things better for us as Money does make the world go round!!. Thanks very much.

Let my experience as an escort be constructive

Secondly, I am surprisingly calm about my encounters and the emotions that come with them. If I were putting myself through the virtue of handjobs, first off, I would be embarrassed. Second, I would not tell people exactly how the encounters went. If I were to write about this (presuming I want ANYONE to know about it), it would be more nondescript in terms of what I did to people. I know how my concern does care for us and keep all our girl’s identity a secret but still. If I was going to be a whore to fund my Luxury lifestyle (which, I HAVE considered, not as good half-heartedly), several times. This sh*t is not cheap).

I would at least make my experience constructive. You do not need to give us the juicy (literally) details; how about you reflect? We KNOW what we are doing. We are not stupid. Never make a client who is GOD to us feel dumb.

Maybe I am bitter. I know I am pretty freaking sick. There is just INR 10,000/ in my bank account (do not judge me, please). I know that I am making absurd amounts of money in half an hour as an independent high-class escort in Bangalore. So maybe I am just jealous.

Maybe I am pissed because I love sex. I get paid for it would be the most enjoyable and convenient thing. Perhaps I am even more pissed because there is virtually no market for lesbian prostitutes in Bangalore (actually, am I wrong about this? Let me know).

The hypocritical world despises female escorts

The hypocritical world despises Bangalore escorts. She made a realistic assessment of her assets and did not have to rely on fraud to make a living. In an area of human relations where fraud is the regular practice between the sexes. Her honesty was regarded with a mocking wonder. I am not a slut. I have standards, and I would rather be miserable for the rest of my life.

We can immortalize something like this and think, Wow, she is a powerful woman getting what she wants in life, but I say f**k that. Hooking is the most straightforward job because SOMEONE will always want to stick something in your whatever. Stop being lazy and get a real job. You live in BANGALORE FCKING CITY. Where you really cannot find a decent-paying job? I live in Bangalore City and, set, it is expensive up here, but I am not hooking in the Commoner at night to pay for my whims.

An escort girl, a hooker, or someone who works in the industry; call it what you want, she is not precious about the titles. No matter what you call it, at the end of the day it all boils down to prostitution, she says.

You’re selling yourself for sex, every so often I get emails at my official mail ID [email protected], and a Whatsapp text at my #  (+91) 9036650572 that come across as hateful or in general sex worker bashing. (Oh, like that is anything new.)

I am born cursed to be an escort or blessed to be an independent high-class escort in Bangalore?

Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion of Escorting. I respect that 1st Amendment right. However, it seems that since I am the only sex worker I am not entitled to my own opinion. Rather share my point of view of my line of work with others.

Like I glorify it here on my Official site at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience only speaking half-truths. Maybe I really must hate myself. I have plenty of issues. I was forced into this line of work as an Independent high-class escort at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience. Well, that is true (I know the cynics will be disappointed!)

Since I stay up quite late at night, I typically wake up in time for lunch and sometimes eat out at places frequented by local corporate workers in their lunch breaks like Places in Manipal Center in Ulsoor. I sit in a table nearby and cannot help but hear their ongoing, mundane conversations. Sometimes I do not want to listen to them, but that is just too bad because I will be subject to the woman bellowing out her latest bellyache about some other female employee or some other random drama back at the office.

I sit there, and I think to myself, is this what the average, anti-sex worker person wants me to do? Be just as miserable as this woman at her tedious, dead-end corporate job? Who cannot even relax at a nice lunch for an hour and talk about anything else, maybe even something sweet and pleasant? I mean these people I listen to are average corporate Bangaloreans with excellent jobs where they go to some office for a set number of hours a day for a set number of days a week.

I do not feel trapped being an escort

All they can go on about is how they can screw over their boss or company (or government), instead of relaxing during that one hour off to eat. As I sit there and think to myself. If I had that job. I would be so miserable and feel so trapped. Yet in my current position as an independent high-class escort. I do not ever feel that way as I do not feel trapped.

To be honest I do not feel miserable. I cannot beat making my schedule. I know all want me to feel that way, or they want me to come out and admit that my life is a wreck, but it is not, and I won’t ever let it be that way. Of course, I have friends who enjoy their jobs at MNCs in Bangalore Corporate World and the line of work they are in, and I am happy for anyone else who enjoys their position at the same type of place It is just not for me about the dark side of prostitution and how it sickens me what people to do others with trafficking.

Some girls need help and pimps that need prosecuting for forcing anyone into prostitution. Yes, there is a dark side to this business, but there are dark sides to a lot of other companies too. I recently read somewhere in a news article that the happy hooker is just a myth, and it is all a lie. No matter what we are all victims of the game (I hate that term!) Sorry, but the girls I know are not a myth and are not miserable.

I am addicted to my job as a female escort

So please help those who need the help (I would even like to help too), but do not group us all into the category of being trapped or wanting out I am happy right where I am for now, and I can do whatever I want when I so chose.

I feel like more people need to be better educated about the many ways that STDs can be transmitted. How they transmit through vaginal penetration, like many beliefs. I hate to roll out the list of diseases that can be communicable through oral contact when a client wants to argue about my safety rules, but they need to know and educate themselves even if it is an uneasy topic in the middle of a session.

Neither price nor gift will sway me to change my rules, and I hope it will only benefit others to be more aware of the spread of disease. As far as my health goes, being safe has worked for our Escort team at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience, and we believe it will work for all of you, I had a choice. I could have left plenty of times, but I didn’t want to, because the money was so good. It was addictive.

There were some shallow points. But you just got over them and pick yourself up again. There are regrets, but at the same time, it’s a business arrangement. It was a job. And it’s all about acting. Sometimes I enjoyed my career as an independent high-class escort in Bangalore.

Independent high-class escort Bangalore

Hope my guidance and reassurance as an escort is a beneficiary

I meet a lot of people, and hopefully, my advice and reassurance help them. I left many of them thinking that they could be happy. But I never fancied any of my clients. Many men knew that I didn’t care about them, but others would say things like, “It’s just you and me. Come on. I’ve seen you lots of times. We could build something.” In my head, I’d be thinking, “What are you talking about? There’s nothing to build.” If you ask me if I regret escorting, I’d say no because I got myself into a rut. I never asked anybody to lend me money.

To a degree, I sold my soul, but I’d rather sell my soul in that way and go home and be myself than live a complete lie. I never told any of them that I loved them. Nayanthara doesn’t seem like the sort of girl who would end up as a prostitute. After all, she comes from a respectable middle-class home. People make it out to be seedy, but many of the clients are beautiful. They were just on business trips.

Many of them say that their wives refuse to have sex with them. They’re just normal men who wanted sex, Nayanthara says. Many men don’t even have sex with you. They wish to have a woman sitting down, listening to them, and not making them feel bad. She always practices safe sex. For an all-night job, she would get anything between INR 20,000/ to INR 25,000/, but a lot of the time, they’d bring her out for a meal and drinks. If they have a drink, they’ll fall asleep, so you won’t have to do anything.

Independent high-class escort Bangalore

My apologies to the wives of my Clients

That’s a bonus, says Nayanthara. Nayanthara believes that eight out of 10 men have sex with Bangalore escorts because their wives are bullying them and they’re not having sex at home. The others who come to her have a happy sex life, but they’re just greedy. But why do successful young men go with escorts when surely they can get it for free, with hordes of women clamouring for them? I have never understood the reluctance to pay for a companion.

The way I see it, escorts provide the best of both worlds. Not only are you pretty much guaranteed to get someone who knows how to f****k, but you also get someone who either enjoys doing it or is good enough at faking it that you would know any different. And more importantly, you do not have to deal with any of the heartaches. You make a phone call and order the services. The type of independent high-class escort you desire is on your doorstep. Pay your money. Relax and start getting warmed up.

No need for any pretence, no need for any emotional ties, and no need for any awkwardness associated with conventional male/female relationships. No worries about talking afterwards, or sharing your feelings.

Independent high-class escort Bangalore

The Morale story does not work with my conscience as an escort

All of that crap doesn’t apply. As for the morals of the transaction? What are morals anyway but a set of standards that society arbitrarily forces upon us? Do what you want, what makes you feel good. Let them live their own lives. So, the way Nayanthara sees it, escort me or give me death. But enough of the rambling, I’m sure you want to get to the good stuff.

The guys who want to see our face picture before we meet them, know very well we do not show our faces on our website. I have a beautiful face, and I KNOW it. Everyone loves my face, maybe too much. It is how I am a success as an independent high-class escort in Bangalore and can pull in INR 50,000 a week. If I had an ugly face, do you think I would still be charging INR 10,000 for an hour? I KNOW my face and general appearance is fantastic, and I use it to my advantage.

I honestly laugh when Clients ask me why my skin is so soft. Let me tell you about my routine. I am a bit obsessive-compulsive. When I come to flesh-to flesh skin cells rub off on me. I SCRUB myself every night with Ayurvedic Medicines and anything else I can find that is abrasive enough to make my skin raw.

It is to get my skin cells and germs off me. Repeat, we are NOT dating. I am not your girlfriend. Stop thinking you are cool enough for me to be here. Will I never come? If there was no money involved. And please do not tell me you love me, three clients this week already said the same.

Finally, I am not your girlfriend. I am a Part-time hired lover masked as an escort.

I want to be very clear that I recommend this escorting lifestyle to NO ONE. It is easy enough to cross the line because the line is invisible. Much harder still to go back, to return to a time when you shared no piece of yourself with strange men, men you don’t like, even men who don’t want you.

On a happy end note, I do have to give some credit to the regular guys. Married guys get stuck in the marriage. They are very attractive and could get any younger female they wanted. I salute and respect you.

Get smart, ladies! Stop sleeping around because you and I both know you can lure an unsuspecting and sweet girl who thinks the best of people into going home with you after you feed her lies just to get between her legs. Then, you can act as if you care for a while until the sex gets old and then throw her out of the relationship and not use condoms.

Fact: My escort teammates at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience use condoms. Men go after what you want. I understand my relationship with you is a client and provider, and there are no grey lines. That is what you are there for, and so am I. You, fantasy, sex, and it works out.

SO STOP ASKING ME MY REAL GOD DAMN NAME!! It’s none of your business this is a fantasy I fulfil for yours, and kindly we beg you and please do stop making it, so goddamn personal. I am NOT your girlfriend/wife (or want to be) we are just a sweet face.