Female Escort Jobs

Independent Free-willed Women pursuing Female escort jobs

Female escort jobs are available part-time for women willing to spare their chastity to earn part-time as Female escort jobs.

A new trend of women pursuing female escort Jobs.

Uprising tribe of women are pursuing the job of escorting as part-time in Bangalore as the old fashioned femininity had drowsed as the new era of Independent girls are taking sex as a pleasurable, fun activity.”

Gfe Bangalore™

To begin with, a new tribe of women is entering this escorting trade for quick money either to buy a good mobile phone or a fancy car. Subsequently, once the job is over, they just fade into the thin air.

Besides, the rebellious, independent women are either housewives, students or working-class women. Pursue a Job as an escort either part-time or for the time being to fulfil their short-term desires.

Alarmingly new women coming into this field of escorting had taken a new turn. Consequently, more and more newcomers aspiring to make quick money seek the assistance of a reputed escort agency.

Moreover, the inflow of recruits of women had increased multifold. Likewise, we see more women pinging us in what app and in emails seeking advice on safety as a priority, although we suggest the best possible way to do it more safely.

Career guidance to women seeking part-time female escort jobs as an escort in Bangalore

In general, we admin running the GFE in Bangalore sees lots of girls coming as newcomers for female escort jobs. Genuinely, seeking safety and privacy as a priority rather than the quick money. The lady seeks a career for a short time. Although we have lots of them pouring in nowadays as we do justice in what business we are.

Therefore we rather not speak the language of Crusaders here with the newcomers in the escorting trade seeking female escort jobs. Moreover, we cannot put more burden on women who had come after fighting with the thought of pursuing the path of escorting. Similarly, cannot afford to dilute her mind further.

Casting couch for a female escort

Female escort Jobs with Gfe Bangalore™ is a safer option with a staunch escorts agency. Finding a trustworthy escort agency that cares for women is quite a task as most of the escort agencies have the Casting couch attitude with the newcomers in the escorting trade.

The intonation in women never allows her to take a plunge as a female escort at a stroke of thought. It takes quite a time for a woman to finalize her decision to sleep with strangers to achieve their financial needs.

Although, admins at the Gfe team openly confess we do not try to advise anyone to stay away from this escorting trade or female escort jobs. Particularly, fully aware we are not doing the job of almighty here.

Moreover, if we give advice, women are of the nature to avoid us and seek an alternative person who is ready to capitulate. 

We just assist the girls and just give a piece of advice to leave this as soon as possible and not to visualize more into this profession of escorting with aspirations to make more money. 

Advising a female escort is not a good idea

We mostly see girls coming and going once their task is over and of late we see most of them pursuing female escort jobs as part-time.

As admins to this GFE world in Bangalore, we are transparent in our duty of assisting and providing safety to those who genuinely seek refuge in us.

Nevertheless, we neither take up the task of advising the lady who has come to us seeking an obligation. However, we just do our duty of providing the lady with genuine Gfe seekers. 

For instance, a lady seeking refuge is to be pitied rather than corrupted with crusading thoughts. Likewise, the Gfe team continue the services in providing the invincible Gfe in Bangalore. Moreover, not to overrun the idea of being a crusader. Although we prefer minding our business rather than proxy running the business of the Almighty here in this world. 

Advising a lady when she comes for assistance is not a good idea. A woman is fully aware of the risks she is undertaking before she makes up her mind to do a female escort job.

Gfe Bangalore™ never tries to do a Sarmatian role to the lady seeking employment as a female escort. The women get advised in honesty of the pros and cons of the trade. She will be assured of the safety factor as well as the aloofness she can pursue the female escort job.

Ways to Be a Professional Independent Female Escort

We are recruiting high-class Independent models from all over the globe for a job opportunity in the city of Bangalore.

Gfe Bangalore™ offers a safer habitat for all women aspiring to be an Independent escort in Bangalore.

We offer very competitive sharing options with a lucrative package. We are the only leading escort agency which guarantees a minimum take-home.

Gfe Bangalore™ offers the concealment of real Identity as an Add-on to all women. A lady craving for a part-time job as an escort. Additionally, we assure privacy and confidentiality to the aspiring women who wish to quit the situation over the period.

Besides, we are quite large with our database of our clients. We are the leading escort agency with the trust factor with all those affiliated with our escort agency who have been applauding our services.

Although Gfe Bangalore™ never let any Independent escort aspiring to pursue female escort jobs as part-time for tenure not more than six months in continuity. Incidentally, we feel her charm towards men will fade away with continued work, and fatigue starts to hit her very soon.

Moreover, we advocate women are more talented in other areas and emphasise empowering women to the next level. Sooner her immediate financial crisis is over and never lets her sit on this job as an escort as a lame duck.

Female Escort Jobs

Honesty is the thumb rule for the female escort

Gfe Bangalore™ Transfers the traditional way of the escorting trade with more freedom to the woman risking her privacy in her new avatar as a female escort.

The lady has more freedom in her new job as a female escort. The original post does not need an experience level or for that manner qualification for any lady. The lady knows the trauma of doing a job that may leave a lasting stench as a memory.

The admins play a role very carefully in counselling part in entry-level women.

Likewise, the lady told well in advance her tenure as a female escort would not last for more than a year, or less. Otherwise, no lady is allowed to extend her career as a female escort for a period not expending for more than a year.

The woman was allowed to finish off her financial commitments within the time frame with all the clientele of Gfe Bangalore™.

She gets to dream of a beautiful married life. A family of her own. The short-time career as an escort is usually short-lived.

Requirements to be an independent escort

In General

Courage and self-confidence bundled up will make a successful escorting career.

  • Gfe Bangalore™accept any women who are above 21 years old and below 50 years old. Although we see more clients seeking an older mature woman as their companion.
  • We counsel all women aspirants on their pursuit of becoming an escort. Let her endorse this as her last option. Ensure she is never doomed in this career forever as we motivate her to move on in her life to the next level.
  • Gfe Bangalore™ do not provide any full-time employment for any woman. Lady seeking a full-time career as we always see women as multitalented personalities and wish she never undertakes this job of female escort.
  • Women are housewives and pursuing female escort jobs as a temporary relief from their immediate financial crisis.
  • Students are paying their college fees to support their careers.
  • Working-class women are pursuing female escort jobs to support their families with EMI issues.
  • Women empowerment is mostly the talk in Gfe Bangalore™ with no looking back in our stand. Although, we feel not omnipotent to assist any woman doomed with her fate.

Ways to become a female escort 

  • The women requested to accompany the gentleman to dinner meets or pubs or in general; a girlfriend’s experience will be on the menu.
  • Sex will be part of the menu.
  • To be on a clean conversation on the do and not with the debonair of clients when sex is discussed. 
  • To practice safer sex with all patrons.
  • Never obsessed with any clients and to go on with a business outfit.
  • To realize the fact, we are selling lust and love as products for hire.
  • Honest with the concern Gfe Bangalore™ employed as well as to the client who is the paymaster.
  • Being honest about the money received from the client and ensuring the client is happy with the services.
  • As Gfe Bangalore™ never advocates one shot or one session concept and is a good conversationalist and a patient listener to the patrons who want a woman to listen and laugh.

A professional escort who had free-willed herself in offering sexual services to clients for a fee predetermined.

Female Escort Jobs
Female Escort Jobs

Ways to become a female escort 

Step 1

Choose the below before getting into the thought of being a female escort.

Freelancing Independent female escort

Working for an escort agency

  1. Freelancing Independent female escort

The freelancing part has its pros and cons. 

  • Marketing of the lady.
  • Online promotions.
  • Clients verifications.
  • Business continuity.
  • Legal hassles with lawholders.
  • Classified advertisements in adult sites.
  • Dealing with time passers.
  • Rates negotiations.

2Working for an escort agency.

Step 1

Choosing an escort agency

Choosing the best escort agency comes as a priority to be a female escort. Most of the escort agency is casting couches. Have a brief talk with the admins who will usually be the owners of the racket. If the admin asks for a free run with you skip him. There are plenty of renowned escort agencies that give women a hand in the business.

Gfe Bangalore does this as the only agency that works for women in distress. The women who pursue the job as a female escort get humanely treated with love and care. The truth is universal. The women working for Gfe Bangalore are standing witness to the above statement. Stay and live with pride working as a female escort. 

Step 2

Choose an alias name, and a new number once decide to join an escort agency

For instance, do not use your original name or your regular number.
Thereby, It is easy to trace your Identity with enough gadgets available in the market. Besides, Most of the clients will be snoopy in knowing the real girls behind the veils. Stalking the escort lady is a regular known threat in the escorting trade. The reasons can be good or bad. We strongly recommend that female escorts to have a new number and new name to start a job as a female escorts.

Step 3 

Pictures portray the best of yourself. Images are the selling pitch here in the escorting business as Indians as well as foreigners like women in sarees. Additionally, The basics are to have a good picture that gives you the sale of the day.

Most of the GFE women are good at communication. Girls in Gfe are known to talk their way to seal the deal. Girl Friend Experience is all about companionship rather than lusting with the client.

We hear from the girls listening to the client in patience is the secret to gaining repeated clientele. A client is a person who wants an empathetic ear. All he needs is to talk it out. The lady escort is to have patience in listening to the client. Lusting lasts for not more than a few minutes. The rest of the time feeding the ego of the client is what the female escort gets paid.

Step 4

Dressing appropriately to meet elite clients in Five-star hotels.

Most of the clients prefer the lady to wear formal when visiting him in his hotel. The hotel staff’s eyes are preying on the entrants in the hotel. The hotel has the right to bar any visitor or guest as per their rules. 

Makeup kits are handy in the handbags for the final touch-ups minutes before meeting the client.

Lastly, dressing sense needs to be of high superiority for all female escorts craving a decent income in the business of escorting.

Step 5

Maintain courteous, professional conduct at all times with clients.

  • Never get emotional with the client.
  • Never get sentimental with the client.
  • To maintain a business attitude once the rendezvous starts.

Therefore a client witnessed all over had been the same. To win over the lady’s attention. Likewise, man is known for cheating. Incidentally, dishonesty in a man is hereditary, and women falling in innocence is a known flaw. The purpose of the visit will be a clear thought with a lady. The appointment is business to quench the thirst of lust with the gentleman more and no less.

Step 6

Money matters – Payments before or after the sessions

Usually, most of the clients of Gfe Bangalore are renowned clients. Most of the clients prefer paying once the sessions are over; however, it depends on the clients, with the digital payments on the higher end. Most of the clients prefer paying online. Gfe Bangalore does have all possible payment options handy. With both credit card options or online transfers feasible. Thereon, confirmation of the success of the payments with Gfe Bangalore is mandatory once the payment gets done. 

Step 7 

Be clear about the services offered to the client

Thereby, a client pays for a good time with the lady. The Female escorts should be clear about the services offered with transparency and honesty in their terms.

Subsequently, there can never be an occasion for dispute once the session gets started. Moreover, women get paid for being naked. For no whatsoever reason can the client dispute once the meeting gets started? 

 Additionally, It’s essential to be entirely see-through about your limits with every client before you begin working. 

  • The time duration
  • The services are offered in detail.
  • Limitation if ever any.
  • Always stick to your dictates and limits. 
  • Never let yourself be influenced or dominated by a client.
  • Never be afraid to say no to a client. 
  • Always remember that you are the one who has the final say.

Step 8 

Staying safe while on a rendezvous meeting with strangers.

Moreover, clients’ nature is to ask for favours. Mostly, man is known to lose his mind once lust hits his mind. Lust dominates him. The client will ask for unprotected sex. Gfe Bangalore had been in the business of escorting for almost close to a decade now. We hear our girl’s confessions daily. The regular accusation of the lady is the client begging for unprotected sex.

However, GFE girls have become used to the request for unprotected sex. Consequently, the art of denials is to be learnt from Gfe girls. Moreover learning from experienced girls is a free tutorial we offer the newcomers to this escorting trade.

Step 9

Stay healthy once you start your job as a female escort. 

  • Avoid Junk foods
  • Have enough fruits and juices.
  • Ensure daily exercises.
  • Have a night of proper sleep.
  • Avoid alcohol with clients.
  • Avoid drugs with clients.
  • Quit smoking. 

In conclusion,, Stay healthy to ensure your health does not turn you down on a good-paying job as a female escort.

Step 10

Set up a good relationship with the co-workers in Gfe Bangalore.

Moreover, a good relationship with colleagues will ensure a good understanding of the business. Besides, A healthy relationship with co-workers in Gfe Banglore will enable discussion with the clients. GFE girls will advise on the nature of a client. Gfe girls are usually known to be good friends.

Step 11

Walkout if the client misbehaves

Nevertheless, have the courage to walk out of the clients if you have fear.

  • Do not accept unreasonable demands from the client side.
  • Never get emotional with any client.
  • Walkout if the client lapses in manners.
  • Walkout if the client blunders in basic manners.

Good luck

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