Farewell to patrons by a female escort

Farewell to patrons by a female escort. I am retiring from being a Female escort. Penning my thoughts to my charming aficionado. Now It is adieus to all my patrons.

Adieu and gone with the winds scathing mail to my patrons by a female escort in Bangalore.

Farewell to patrons by a female escort is handwritten ghostwriting here to lure readers. An honest email to all patrons for their good wishes and kind-heartedness.

Female escorts wanted to taste life twice the present while being an escort in Bangalore. The retiring stage is where they want to have a nostalgic retrospect of the events in their life.

“As of now, I am retiring myself being a hustler for the past 3 years and penning my thoughts to my charming aficionado. 

I am a slut, and now it is adios to all my patrons and confession time. AdditionallyI am writing here in honesty as one among you from today.”

Gfe Bangalore

Farewell Mail to patrons by a female escort

My dearest connoisseur,

If so ever you thought slut had a fascination towards you I as a hooker beg to differ. 

If so ever you had the masculine boost assuming you made me climax again wrong. I faked it and It was a plead in agony for you to stop 

The moaning and whispers were acting while we were intimate and was a desperate request for you to stop sooner.

Yes if you had assumed you were the first client I was meeting on that day you are erratic in your verdict. 

Female escort in Bangalore is just doing our job of counting our money and the heads at the end of the day as it is a routine for us floozy women.

Moreover, sluts have aggregated enough knowledge of lascivious men. Simultaneously we have stockpiled our skills as a professional female escort in Bangalore in doing an act which may be mesmeric our debonair.

Farewell to patrons by a female escort

When did you ask me a question? Why is a pretty damsel like me doing a hooker’s job? My dearest client You are the sixth man asking me the same question with me answering the same answer for all men in the same tone. 

However, I was a hooker for a specific time in my life. With honesty, I am here talking to all my men with whom I had slept. I am vowing, for the first time to live a life like any other lady, to work the sweat for a continuance in life.

Escort are bitches with bones and hormones added with flesh and blood

Acting for a bitch is never a task; additionally, we have been doing this all over the day. Moreover, acting became habitual and never had it hinted to us we were doing the job of a female escort in Bangalore.

The moaning whispers in your ears were all pleas by us bimbo women to stop and have mercy on the moll you were mounting.

My genitals were burning with the lubricants and rubber and my body soaked with sweats of you. I was not letting myself fall asleep in tiredness as I had my next man waiting once you were gone.

When I get a request from almost all my gentlemen for sex without a condom. How may I resist or agree for all? My gentle denial was in my patron’s favour. All I can do is pity my dearest client for his innocence.

The beginning of buying sex from a slut like me is cajoling and luring my gentleman. Once the debauched guy is down with me, it’s an act to finish him off as quickly as possible to make myself ready for my next salacious man in line.

We sluts exist on lascivious men who seek to quench their lust in the orifices of a moll. 

At the same time what you see in me raunchy women are an act. Basically an illusion and never gets carried away with our actions as we are paid for doing the drama in perfection.

Moreover, when my dearest client was testing my ability to say NO to all his cravings. My dearest debonair you are not the only person for today, and I do have a list of men to whom I need to say the same NO. 

Female escorts in Bangalore are just vampires in costume 

I was a hooker still yesterday puzzling to come out of my estranged life in being a female escort in Bangalore. I was sorting for the quick money that may harmonize my life again. Sleeping with a stranger was one of the choices. I had pursued the job of a female escort in Bangalore. Now I had vowed to have a full stop here. Will not be bitching around anymore. I have no more strength in myself for deceiving men for my gains.

Moreover, to all my men with whom I deceived with whom I made a fortune treat this mail as very personal. As a humble request from a slut with whom you had cajoled. Take care of your family and children. Bitches are just vampires of blood. Our target is your wallet and not the soul behind you. 

Mind your family and the people behind you and god bless. 

However, I was a hustler. I was wrong in my life for a specific time and honestly pleaded with my men not to pursue this mongering habit as this is not a reality, and the truth lies in your home. 

With Unfeigned Regards,

A bitch with bones and hormones.

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