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F.A.Q at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience

Q. Exactly What is an Escort Service?

A. Movies and television depict prostitutes in a few limited and unrealistic ways, mostly to the detriment of the women. There's the drug-addicted street walker standing on a dark and dangerous corner with a pimp who beats her hiding in the shadows. Then there's the whore who inhabits a brothel and the women are slaves to an obese Mami's and Aunties and secretly hate their work and their customers. In all the Movies I've watched, the only Movie that seemed to come closest to accurately depicting the relationship between and escort and her client was Pretty Women where this ongoing relationship with a woman named "Julie Roberts " that came in and out of her..

Escorts are women just like any other woman. The nicer you are to them, the better time you both have. Escorts give men the opportunity to practice and become a better partner for when the "right one" comes along.

Negative stereotyped situations may exist, but they are not the whole picture. In an attempt to foster a false sense of "drama," the entertainment and news media almost never give a positive slant to prostitution, and for some reason, they rarely present any images at all of escort services. One reason for this may be that there is very little "drama" in an escort service. It's simply a business.

Using an escort service means that you are dealing with an agency, just like any other service agency. You don't pick up a street walker and you don't go to a whore house. Instead, you call and arrange for companionship, and a woman comes to your home or Hotel room and spends time with you in your space. You get the advantage of not having to go anywhere and of being in your own home where you're most comfortable -- or in your Hotel room if you are on a business trip or you're married and can't do it in the home. It's that simple.

Q. Does it matter how old I am?

A. Our youngest guest so far has been 22 and our oldest 75. No it does not matter how old you are, we adapt and ensure that all preferences, tastes and itineraries are personalized to each guests requests and information supplied. In fact our girls have great respect for elderly gentlemen. It is our cultural aspect that is quite refreshing.

Q. I just want a relaxing time at a villa I do not drink, go to bars or nightclubs

A. Well then you have found your perfect location, bring a book, relax by the pool and have your Angel give you a lovely massage when you feel like it or spend some time alone when you want to. The choices on your preferences are endless. All our packages can be adapted to suit your requests. This is your holiday and we will try to make it the best you have ever had. You are not tied down by itineraries here, we make suggestions but the choice is always yours as to when or if you decide to take them. If you are looking for other things to do here on your adult holidays experience with us then have a detailed discussion with our Staff.

Q. Do you arrange pick us up at the airport?

A. Yes. We have our driver and one of our female representatives greet you at Bangalore International Airport. where your Angel will be waiting for you, if she had not already met you at the airport.

Q. How do I choose a girl?


We have got many more who are there in our team who may not like to share thier pictures.
We donít deal with 24/7 sex workers and our escorts are free lancers and are either working class , students or house wifeís.

Many of our girls have reviews posted by previous guests and this will give you some idea of what to expect. Those that do not have any reviews does not mean they are not worth choosing! or they may be newly recruited . It is simply the case that they may either be fairly new to us or previous guests just have not thought to post a review. We always welcome feedback on your experiences. Once you have made a selection of 2 or 3 of the Angels that you would prefer then let us know, we will let you know whether they are available for you and also give you some of our suggestions. Once you have made your choice we will then confirm that Angel for you. You can however while you are here change girls if you decide that you are not compatible with the previously chosen one. We do not have our Angels at one central location. When they are not working for us then they live at their respective homes in bangalore.

Q. How do I order an escort?

The only way to place an order is by calling our booking line during office hours. Be sure to have read the FAQ or other relevant information before calling us. Do not give missed call, sms or I am the there online as all the things you need is on the website. Prices are valid hence decide your preference and be ready to place order when you call. Kindly provide the following when placing your order.

1. Full Name
2. Contact Number
3. Private resident or hotel location
4. Email Address
5. Escort's Nationality & Service
6. Duration of Service
7. Payment Terms (Local / Foreign Currency)

Please pick one of the preferences we have listed on the price list rather than expect everything in one escort as you are aware nobody is perfect. If you know you are particular then go for the popular category as pretty girls are definitely in demand. One must understand that when you pay the price of a bike and you do not expect a Mercedes Benz. Similarly, escort service is not a mating agency and you are looking for fun not a wife.

2. When do I order an escort?

Only order when you are ready. Advance reservation is not required as we do not know if the girl you want will be available at a later time as the wholesale market is by the minute.

3. What is the best way to order the same escort again?

If you like a particular girl and wish to order her again or recommend to a friend the easiest way to ask her name and contact number. When you call us to book just give us those information.

4. Does the escort do drugs?

This is a sensitive issue but can be arranged if you tell us beforehand what type of drugs you have with you. We need to inform the girls first to see whether she wishes to consume. Please note that we will not be responsible should there be any unforeseen circumstances.

5. How do I extend the escort's services?

Just give us a call and we will arrange everything. Payment will be made to the escort.

6. Are the escorts free from diseases?

Yes. The escorts are professionals

7. If my hotel far from town do you still service?

Yes. We charge additional transportation charges to hotel which are far from Bangalore town area.

8. Are there any transportation charges?

Transport is free within Bangalore but a minimal charge is payable for outskirts. Do not bargain as it is charged by third party Auto or cab drivers. Charges vary slightly but it is the efficiency that counts.

9. Can I change the escorts that were sent to me?

Yes. Clients have all the rights to reject if they are not happy with the ones that were sent. Please ask them to leave politely while we change for you.

10. Can I take the girls out for a drink or dinner?

If you are booking a girl for 6 hours or more it shouldn't be a problem as there is sufficient time but we need to know in advance where you intend to go. We have to check the security of the venue as some girls do not have valid ID and is a risk to all parties concerned. If you really have to go for a drink or dinner try to use hotel facilities. Avoid entertainment outlets like pubs, disco .

11. If I like the girl may I extend the package or what if the opposite?

Yes you may but you have to inform us immediately. In fact, many customers extend packages for hot girls and that is why they are so difficult to book. Another way to have a memorable time is to ask the girl to recommend her best friend for a threesome. When the girls are close friends threesome tend to take on a new dimension.

What if the girl is the opposite? Not to worry you can always reduce the time but do take note that additional transport is payable resend the driver. Whatever time you used will be deducted while the balance used to order another and if insufficient just top up the difference. For one hour sessions please ensure you call us if you need to change and not let the time drag too long as she is entitled to her salary for time spent. Another thing to take note is not to undress her.

12. What is the benefit of giving us your email?

When you call our booking line it is beneficial that you tell us your email so that we can put you on our mailing list. Try not to give company emails as we prefer yahoo and gmail accounts due to client privacy.

All promotion, photos etc will be send by email only.

Q. What if I want to change the girl I am with?

A.We allow you want to change the girl you are with, for whatever reason, simply let our call representative know. If you do not want to stay with the same girl for your entire stay then let us know beforehand when booking so that we can organize the girls who you would like. Most guests do stay with the same girl, others change after two or three days. Remember that it is your adult holidays experience so do whatever you prefer.

Q. Do they really provide a 24 hour service?

A. Yes, they are with you 24 hours a day. They are sharing your erotic holidays experience, you are both staying in your Hotel or Service Apartment and your erotic companion will be with you for the entire time. However it is not unreasonable for them to want some private time, to freshen up and attend to their personal needs.

Q. Do I need to give the girls a tip?

Tipping is not necessary and we actively discourage it. However, you may want to show your appreciation to the girl by giving her a small gift, taking her shopping or in some other way. This is entirely discretionary. Do NOT feel obliged to tip the girls.

Q. Do the girls speak English ,Kannada,Hindi or tamil?

A. All of the girls speak some English, some better than others and some speak the other regional languages.

Q. How long are the girls with you?

A. Most of our girls are with us long term, if you see a girl that you would like to stay then we will ensure that she will be here for you, if she cannot then we will let you know before you arrive so that you can have another Angel of choice pre booked.

Q. What happens if the girl doesn't want to do something?

A. Each girl has her own limits and these must be respected. Some girls will provide certain services, some won't. If you are unhappy with the service the girl gives, please talk with our representative. If we feel that your request is reasonable then we will consider replacing the girl. If, on the other hand, what you want is totally unreasonable then you will be told so.

Q. Are the girls medically checked to ensure they don't have any sexually transmitted diseases?

A. Yes, all the girls have a medical checkup before they start to work for us. Medical certificates are available for inspection.

Q. What are the prices ?

A. Everything will be cheaper than you are used to, and you will find that a reasonable spending budget will suffice.It depends upon the budget you may have, we have got a starting range from INR 6,000/ to INR 50,000/ and varous packags which are 2 hours 4 hours full night and the perfet girl friend experiece package , you may discuss furher with our staff for any quiries

1-we provides direct contacts/Phone numbers of Bangalore Girl,Housewives and Other Broadminded Females

2-All our escort females in Bangalore are available to go with you for all occasions - parties, events, vacation and also on trips to diverse destinations through out the globe.

3-Our escort girls from Bangalore are not professional call girls,they do belong from very decent and secure family .All of our escort girls in our agency are good looking,educated,well manner.

4-Age group of these females is from 21 years to 40 years.

5-Complete profiles of Bangalore girls like their age/location/profession will be provided to you along with mobile numbers.

6-Profile includes age,location,profession,wheather she has got her own accommodation or not that details too, Some of the escort females are having their own place so that you can enjoy an homely atmosphere too!

7-100% confidential. We don't required your personal information, privacy assured


A 1-You can directly interact with female escorts in Bangalore before escorting them and be friends.

2-You get an wide selection of age and location only at Bangalore escorts

3-There is no come and go relationship, escort girls in Bangalore gives you an REAL girl friend type experience.

5-You get a chance to know your escort girl better before going to bed. If you are not comfortable with her simply have a cup of tea or coffee with her and you can come back. Absolutely NO PROBLEM.

6-No brokers in between, pay directly to escort girl in Bangalore

7-What you see is what you get only at Bangalore Girl Friends Experience.

Q. Ok so how do I make or enquire about a booking?

Mail us your Room Number and Hotel Number and your Contcat number to Move forward

kindly contact Our team at

for further detailed discussions

If you have any questions not covered please just email us here