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Career in Escorting

Not the business of fast money anymore, but still a good personal choice.

There was a time when you could enter the escort business at the web based independent or agency level and make a lot of money. Back then we were more of a “in the know” thing and didn’t have to worry about getting busted either. Vice cops where focused on street level hookers, drug dealers and those trafficking minors.

Times have changed. This recession as they call it, yea right! How about depression, has put a hurting on the sex industry. Oh yes, I said the “sex” word. For those of you who are still in denial, about 90% of escorts are sex workers. Is it all about sex? NO but don’t think for a second some guy is going to pay you just to go to dinner. That is a fantasy often created by those of us who don’t want to accept the truth of what we really are. So to further our denial we come up with pretty words like “Escort” and “Social Companion”. Let me be clear, for those of us at the middle to high end of the business, we are also paid for our time and companionship.

There are many women who are now wanting to become escorts, so much so, the market is getting a bit flooded right now. If you’re thinking of doing this because your mortgage or car payment is due next week and you need immediate cash, I hate to tell you but in many cases it’s not going to happen. You needed to have begun the day after you were laid off months ago. At the higher end of the business it’s all about marketing and what you as a product have to offer. I’ll come back to this later.

When Priya started working as a private companion/female escort less than a year ago, She had so many misconceptions about the “world of escorting”. Most of what she thought or should I say thought I knew to be true is what society has coined to be true of the world and I like so many people everywhere believed to be true. Believed it to be the gospel so to speak.

The images that society paints and the moral standards that are implied is that it’s wrong, indecent, humiliating to women, degrading…. only the lowest of women would sell themselves etc….etc…..etc….. Not to mention the “classification” or should I say DE-classification of women socially, morally, physically, emotionally and spiritually by society of the ladies that escort.

What is an Escort

A call girl or escort is a sex worker who (unlike a street walker) is not visible to the general public. Nor does she usually belong to an institution like a brothel. One must make reservations to see her, usually by calling a telephone number — hence the term “call girl”. Often, escorts advertise their services in small ads in magazines and through the internet, although an intermediary advertiser such as an escort agency when promoting higher class escorts.

There are two different types of Escorts:

Independents Escorts and Escorts that work for an Escort Agency. Escort can work either incall, where the client comes to them, or outcall, where they come to the client. Escorts are commonly perceived to be elite amongst sexworkers, far more skilled, able to pick and choose amongst their potential clients and therefore demand higher prices for their services, and are more attractive, educated, well-groomed and youthful than street level. An escort service will not take on any woman who is unattractive, has a visible drug problem (such as needle marks from injecting drugs), or who presents an overly negative personality. Also, many escort agencies do criminal background checks on applicants to weed out those that have been arrested for street prostitution or other types of crimes.

That’s a problem! Why?

For many reasons.

Doing this only devalues the product /service that you are offering and what is the service you are offering…YOU! That’s right. You are selling yourself (excuse the pun) short. And what? Afterwords…you are going to demand your value back? Yea right! What client is going to pay more when he/she has had it at it’s cheapest value? You can forget ever going back to your customary pricing or standards by which you had hoped you built for yourself. The clients you are attracting are going to change. If you preferred a better standard of client that respected you and took you and your “business” seriously those days will be over. The clients you attract now will be expecting more for less and if you dropped your prices once what’s to stop you from going even lower….they know you are desperate now. »

This business has all kind of stories and views. Some are positive however most are negative. Personally I think it has more to do with the people than the business. The agency I work for has a very positive, supportive, structured environment and I’ve never felt safer and more respected. It’s funny when I tell other women that they automatically assume it’s a women run agency and it’s not, it run by a man and is my close friend Mr. Sanjay.

Let’s get something straight, women run agencies can be just as sleazy, negative and unsafe as any other. If you’re going to do this, whatever you do, don’t buy into the myth of sisterhood in this business. Men are simple, predictable, direct and honest about what they want. Women, we back stab while calling you “GirlFriends” and giving you a hug. Just ask any one who’s spent four years living in a sorority house.

If you’re going to work with an agency man run or woman run one of the issues that will come up is should I “audition” or not “audition” ?

What’s an audition ?

It’s a test drive more commonly known as screwing the boss to show her or him what you can do. »

What comes to mind when you think of an escort agency owner? Do you picture the Kurta Wallah In a Mauriti Omni Gold chain wearing man hanging out on the corner directing the tricks? Or do you picture what you saw in some movie or documentary? There was actually a documentary on cable running a few months ago that followed and chronicled the daily lives of several “pimps”, well they referred to themselves as agency owners.

Again, so NOT!! the style or social class I am working in or for….this documentary showed the lifestyle of streetwalkers and how they make money for the pimp they work for, the man sends them out to the street corners with their instructions for the evening.

Ok, I know I come from a different world but this is really sad that this is going on out there. Now after watching that, I understand the purpose and the “why” behind the amazing man that I have grown to admire and respect over the past year.

Every girl has different circumstances for wanting to come into escorting, yes we all love sex, however most of the time being honest we need the money and we marry to things that work together well. However when becoming an Escort you have to look around you and see who could be hurt by your activities. Yes it is 2011 but some people do manage to live in the dark ages and don’t condone escorting, as when you become an escort you are a wanton person, a relationship/marriage wrecker etc. etc.

First of all are you in a relationship, if you are you have to consider your partner and believe me your relationship will be seriously put to the test from all angles and really you have to consider his feelings on this. (I would suggest complete honesty on this one; however, at the end of the day it is your decision as to the implications on that one).

I work separately for Bangalore Girl Friends Experience brings home less than INR 20,000/ from a 4 hour engagement. Weekend engagements earn INR 30,000/. There are 3 reasons i am able to command the price I do.

1) I am educated and well read. Pick a topic and we will engage you in an interesting, entertaining discussion. I know the world and people. I see that the world is a very screwed up place populated by very frustrated people who experience little real joy and often have nobody to talk to. I just talk to them. No cliche, no pretentiousness, just honesty. For that they like me . Like me a lot. Once the heart is warm the libido is open to ultimate satisfaction. If you can't make the client feel warm and fuzzy you're doomed to street walking.

2) I am the best f*cks most people will ever have. because I took the time to study the arts of arousal, stimulation, maintenance of the high and multiple orgasm. People are not born with that talent and 99.99% never learn it. Yet we all yearn for more than our partners

3) We do anything the client wants except eat feces and receive severe pain. Usually, we end up doing what we want and the client simply goes along with it and asks for more of the same.

We were not always prostitutes . If I had been abused I don't think i could be the professionals I am. I decided to go into the business after realised that I am the best and what ever experienced and that others might be willing to pay dearly to experience what we studied hard to learn.

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