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This business has many different levels the lower the level the higher the risk.

Depending upon where you live, Bangalore Craigslist operations have twice to four times the volume unlike a web based agency ,Usually they don’t adequately screen and will do business with any guy with cash in his pocket. This also means they’ll do business with people some higher end agencies wouldn’t touch.

We all would like to think we’re worth a INR 20,000.00/ an hour but the truth is 98% of us are not. Many women come into this business thinking some guy is going to pay that (especially you models please GET a LIFE!) and quickly find out the hard cold truth. Keep dreaming. If you want a shot at that kind of money in this business you need to move to Delhi or Singapore. By the way, if you do find a guy who willing pay that, go for it. However, I must warn you, chances are it’s just luck. I wish you good luck in replicating it. If you can get him to do it every week for a month or every month for at least 6 months then you’re on to something.

Otherwise, it’s what is called a fluke and you can’t constantly pay your bills on flukes! Then there is the issue of INR 20,000.00/ the first time, then he only pays you INR 10,000/ the next and then INR 5000.00/ and so on. Meanwhile, your best friend who went to work for the agency or is an independent has probably out earned you when you add it all up over the same amount of time. I can’t tell you how many women have fallen for this flash technique. Especially those of you who frequent sugardaddy sites, which has nothing to do with the escort business. Getting paid less and less money for the same amount of time. Then Mr. Sweetness and light turns into Mr Jealous possessive control freak who wants to be your boyfriend and “save you”. By the way, when you say “no” be prepared for things to get really ugly.

In today’s world it’s all about marketing and for many agencies or new women there is ramp up time before you get business depending upon where you live and your market conditions. If your an independent and the new girl on the block everyone will come running to you, especially ALL the PREDATORS the other women wont see.

Think of it this way, your fresh meat who’s new and doesn’t have a clue. Many women who start out as independents don’t make it 6 months. Just don’t get lulled by the initial overwhelming interest, it WILL die down and if you haven’t banked that money, you’ll be sorry.

If you apply to an agency read this website :

and this where i make my Bread and Butter and I do have a posh Apartment in Ulsoor and a car of my own ,take the time to see what they are all about. How an agency markets you is different than how an independent handles herself. Some agencies it’s all about the money, others it’s all about the “art” of what we do. If you’re the kind of women who only cares about the money, stay away from agencies who care about “the craft” of Escorting. I will tell you now, it won’t be a good fit. Also under the current economic climate it can take up to a month before you get your first call, is some places. There are a lot of women jumping into this business and it may take time to get noticed. In cases such as this, go with agencies who do long term marketing, in the end you’ll be better off. A little secret about who has a competitive edge. Those who are REALLY open minded when it comes to various acts. Women who knew in their youth this what they always wanted to do. Ladies who are natural born pleasers and you get off on giving pleasure.

Finally, please remember something very important. Just because men show interest in you in a bar, club or on the street doesn’t mean you’re marketable as an escort. This is a whole other playing field and personality profile type when it comes to men. The latter want you for “free” but watch what happens the moment you tell them, cash up front. Go a head try it. Prove me wrong, I dare you… I double dog dare you.

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Lavanya Reddy