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What could you do with an income several times higher what you’re making now?

Would you feel happier and less stressed? Would you feel more relaxed about your college or university tuition, overdue bills, and rent?

Would your lifestyle change? Could you see yourself spending more time at the mall In Mg Road buying your dream outfits, dazzling jewelry and fancy shoes? Eating at

better restaurants in Brigade Road ? Driving a better car?

Would you see more of the world? Not just to your favorite places, but also new and exciting destinations you’ve only heard about from others who are luckier than you?

Would you live in a nicer home? Would it be a nice neighborhood in the suburbs, or a cozy Apartment in an exclusive part of town?

All this is possible for YOU because successful escorts also call their own shots.

They work when and where they choose. They’re totally independent of hiring, firing or degrading office politics.

In fact, good escorts are among the freest people on earth. They’re enjoying life to the fullest, and reaping the rewards that only a fat and secure bank account can offer.

For some it's a whole new way to achieve financial success, pay for school or simply enjoy the finer things in life.

And make no mistake about it…

This exclusive escort industry is for those who WANT to successfully run a Professional, ethical and customer-oriented business You’ll learn everything you must know to enter and stay on top of this game and the best to start your career.

Let’s face it! You’re reading this because you want a better life for yourself.

If you’re a student… You want to pay off your hefty tuition bills and start saving for your future, especially if that future is one where graduating seniors are finding jobs hard to come by.

If you’re at the bottom or middle of the J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) food chain…

You’ve had enough of the long hours, poor pay, and thankless management.

If you’re already a successful professional with a “real” career… You’re out of patience with back-stabbing office politics, constant stress, long hours and hard-to-get promotions.

And to top it all off… hanging over everything is the crumbling economy. Listen to any news program and you’ll hear about Corruption and politics in the Indian Economy. Banks are failing. Regular companies are shutting their doors. Bills are rising. People are cutting back and trying to keep their head above water as things get darker and darker.

Is that the grim future YOU really want?

The fact is, you don’t want to be one of the crowd that’s living in the poor house or going down with the ship.

While others are worrying about how they’ll even pay their bills, as a professional escort Easily making rental or mortgage payments on a new and better home.

Driving a new car with all the extras you’ve always wanted Expanding your wardrobe and accessories with high-quality fashionsPampering yourself with the finest spa treatments

Savoring the best entrees from the best restaurants the city has to offer Collecting beautiful art, antiques and other fine goodsEnjoying vacations to exotic cities and locations that others only dream about Creating a secure and stable future that lets you (and your family) sleep easilyand truly enjoy life!

OK, by now you’re asking yourself…

Not the business of fast money anymore, but still a good personal choice.

There was a time when you could enter the escort business at the web based independent or agency level and make a lot of money. Back then we were more of a “in the know” thing and didn’t have to worry about getting busted either.

Times have changed. yea right! How about depression, has put a hurting on the sex industry. Oh yes, I said the “sex” word. For those of you who are still in denial, about 90% of escorts are sex workers. Is it all about sex? NO but don’t think for a second some guy is going to pay you just to go to dinner. That is a fantasy often created by those of us who don’t want to accept the truth of what we really are. So to further our denial we come up with pretty words like “Escort” and “Social Companion”. Let me be clear, for those of us at the middle to high end of the business, we are also paid for our time and companionship.

There are many women who are now wanting to become escorts, so much so, the market is getting a bit flooded right now. If you’re thinking of doing this because your mortgage or car payment is due next week and you need immediate cash, I hate to tell you but in many cases it’s not going to happen. You needed to have begun the day after you were laid off months ago. At the higher end of the business it’s all about marketing and what you as a product have to offer.