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When I started working as a private companion/female escort less than a year ago, I had so many misconceptions about the “world of escorting”. Most of what I thought or should I say thought I knew to be true is what society has coined to be true of the world and I like so many people everywhere believed to be true. Believed it to be the gospel so to speak.

The images that society paints and the moral standards that are implied is that it’s wrong, indecent, humiliating to women, degrading…. only the lowest of women would sell themselves etc….etc…..etc….. Not to mention the “classification” or should I say DE-classification of women socially, morally, physically, emotionally and spiritually by society of the ladies that escort.

I find it rather amusing, especially now, how society takes it upon itself to judge the women, the men, the agency owners and the clients of this profession. I could write on that as a separate entity but for today I would just like to share with anyone who is reading my journey into the world of escorting and the many wonderful people I have met a long the way so far. Also, how it has helped me grow as a person…. maybe it will give you insight into a world that is not what it is painted to be, well not at least the part of the planet that I am in…. perhaps it may change your perspectives, beliefs on the escorting world.

First let me tell you about me, I am female, a mother and a college graduate. I have a Master’s degree in a healthcare profession and hold a full time job in the community in which I live. I am also a member of my local Rotary Club in Indra Nagar . Oh! And I appreciate and listen to classical Hindi music… as I write this I am listening to Lata angehwar and it still gives me chills. To look at me I am just as normal as you, your sister, your aunt, your best friend, your child’s teacher, your doctor, the receptionist you see everyday or any other female you know and consider the norm. Do I look like an escort?

Well now, that is a good question because that too, is another topic for a separate entry.

Because it flows with the stereotypical image of this world that has been painted by society. Most of the time, escorts are portrayed as streetwalkers. The typical picture is that of the mini-skirt clad, high heeled babe leaning over the window of a car on the street in Brigade Road. And in turn follows the typical judgment of drug abuse and alcohol, perhaps homelessness and the “pimp” that abuses them. Now, I know this part of the world does exist and it saddens me…

Real quick though: Do I look like that? NO….do I judge those women? Absolutely not. And NOONE should….my favorite quote and how I live my life is according to the quote– “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone….” I would be the LAST person anyone would think was a professional companion/escort.

And I will let you in on a secret…I love it! It is the most self-rewarding and fulfilling job I have had…well next to being a Mom, of course! I like to think of escorting as a craft, a hobby, an art that is perfected each and every time I meet with someone!

And this brings me to the fun part…. the rewards of my “hobby” let’s call it and why it is so rewarding…the why is made up of two parts: One part: my growth and me And part two: the agency that I work for ( ), the man that owns the agency and the clientele that it services.

The agency I work for has become a guiding light for me and for the women that work there. I have grown more personally and spiritually in the time working for Dreams than I have in my lifetime. I have met men and women that have contributed to my growth in ways I could have only imagined. How? You ask.

Well you see there is a misconception out there that people use this service for one thing and that is SO NOT TRUE!

Let’s put one to bed right now (sorry bad use of words…. wink) but the “client”. I have spent intimate time just listening to many gentlemen talk about their lives and provided them with an outlet to just talk…I know, I know men, talk, in the same sentence?….LOL but yes talk! And do they ever…..and I Love IT! Why? Because they need it and it makes me feel good that I can be there for them. They talk about things that their significant other has probably heard a thousand times but to them it is reminiscent of their younger days and yes…less complicated times. And I respond naturally just like their women did the first times they heard it! But for them it’s all about the thrill! The thrill of having some attention!

Let’s face it Ladies we are all guilty of being wrapped to tight with life’s string of stressors and for us it isn’t easy to put the sink full of dishes, the pile of bills, the dentist appointment , etc, etc, etc….out of our minds for an hour yet alone spend some time with our men without staring at the ceiling wandering…..”Shoot Did I remember to call the phone company and make that late payment?” and…. How many times has it even slipped out of our mouths? Or you have been caught staring into space and accused of not even being there….. Heck, I have heard men say the whole house has to be clean not just the dishes and the moon and stars have to be aligned just right. Ah well, I am guilty of that one in the past…not anymore as I said I am growing past a lot of my personal bs. But now men they can nine out of ten times put just about anything out of their minds to get down to business with their woman! And enjoy themselves and hours later wander what they were stressed out about…