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Independent high class Escort Sandhiya rani Confess

Name:Ms Sandhya Rani
Age:Late 20s.
Business:High End Escort Service Provider in Bangalore City Working as core team lead in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience
Meeting place:....
What you want me to wear: My Uniform is Saree!!
What you want me to do: Satisfy My Master the client who is all above the God Himself!!!!


Hi, I'm Sandhiya Rani, thank you for taking the time to stop and Read about me.

I hope you like the way that I look. I take a lot of pride in my appearance and always try my best to be as pretty as possible but, basically, I just love all types of clothes.

I love a cuddle and a kiss if we talk beforehand, so I'm offering you a GFE second to none in Bangalore.

Age 22 Measurements 34 26 36
Dress size 7 - 10
Complexion Whitish
Build Slim and Busty
Height 5' 6"
Hair black
Eyes Black
Nationality Indian
Languages English- Hindi-Kannada-Tamil-
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Weight: 50kg

I love to party and I love guys that make me laugh, or can teach me something. However, maybe you just want to relax and let me do all I can do for you.I promise a very sensual experience. If you show me consideration and respect, I will respond to your touch in a very natural way, and we can experience something very special together.Being an independent high class escort I will not tolerate unclean, uncouth and badly behaved men. Give your body the care that you deserve and they will do the same for you.Every guy dreams about an independent high class escort who is aggressive and submissive, and loves to experiment and basically loves sex � Somehow, I am that.My sexual awakening didn�t happen until I was 16, which is late in today�s standard. Before that, I never wanted or needed to have sex, I never even thought of masturbating. I was in no rush to lose my virginity and I saw no point in pursuing something that I had no desire to.(Believe it or not, I used to blush when my friends started talking about their sex life.).I learnt everything by the book, and found it embarrassing to discuss anything sex related or say the word �sex�.But after I became a woman, I realized that being sexual is not only ok, but its quiet normal and lot of fun. In fact, I am the kind of person you can tell your deepest, darkest desires to, and your kinkiest, dirty fantasies to, without fear of judgment. I provide fun, pleasure and excitement in and out of bed. I know exactly what to do in any given situation. I can be serious, sophisticated and classy at a business dinner or friendly and bubbly over a dinner date.I keep myself knowledgeable by reading newspapers and journals to fill my brain with latest politics, environmental issues and world affairs.I can carry out an engaging conversation on any given topic. I have my own opinion and I stand by it, but I will step down when necessary.Thanks to my traditional Tamil Brahmin upbringing I am very well mannered and lady-like, but I also know when to turn on the character within, as I grew-up in Bangalore. I am open, and I guarantee my clients� �You get what you pay for� including a steel hard hand job, mind blowing blow job and a black-out orgasm.I get paid to have fun. I have plenty of cash and people lined up to see me. I have incredible freedom in my life, I�m happy, I�m satisfied, and I�m in total control of my life.I am an independent high class escort at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience, and welcome to my life.

For about Five years in as a independent high class escort in my team at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience , I�ve never written honestly about my life as a Escort Girl, I never intend to glamorize my profession of Escorting, and I don�t list expensive gifts I receive or lavish items I buy for myself. I avoid rhapsodizing about exotic vacations or name-dropping hotels. I never disclose my rates and I don�t claim every encounter ends in mind-blowing orgasms � or any orgasm at all.

I use this space allotted for me exclusively by my Concern Bangalore Girl Friend Experience online to write as accurately as I can about the experience of being an independent high class escort in Bangalore and having sex for money, mostly because I need that outlet for my own mental and emotional reasons, but also because the stories that usually reach non-sex-working audiences are too often two-dimensional and extreme � focused on a "high-class� independent high class escort finding happiness through her designer-label lifestyle, or drug-addicted and pimp-abused street prostitutes whose lives have been a series of degrading assaults. I do my best to not make my situation seem simplistic or easy to categorize. While I often write about clients whose company I enjoy, I also share my occasional fear, revulsion, violation and sadness. So why would some women want to duplicate my circumstances?

me are power hungry? Rather, I think they are recognizing the ways their culture tells them to achieve. Girls aren�t bombarded with messages telling them that their mental power is urgently needed to address issues like global warming or infectious diseases, or that their athleticism could be parlayed into a life as a professional athlete or coach. Instead, we�re told over and over again that we earn a place at the table � any table � by being polished and well-dressed, with glossy hair and a slim figure. The girls who e-mail me are not lacking internal resources. They�re educated, sensitive, observant, and they have the complex sentences and insightful wording to prove it. But they are living in Bangalore where a woman�s worth is constantly equated with her sex appeal. Is it any wonder that many women might find it compelling to take that equation to its logical end?.These women are also often insecure, which I recognize because I was (and am) insecure, too. When I first started working in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience as an independent high class escort I thought my motivation was purely curiosity, but I see now that while curiosity gave me courage, insecurity was wearing the spurs. I was so highly self-critical as a young adult that by the time I was 19 I vowed to reduce my self I struggled with an eating and exercise disorder, both of which were so common among my peers that they were unremarkable. I talked my parents into paying for medically unnecessary braces to close the gap in between my front teeth, which was easy since most kids my age were having cosmetic orthodontic work as well. While I was sexually ravenous � I was a teenager, after all � I couldn�t stand the thought of any boy seeing my body. So I was not quite a born natural when it came to selling my self for sexual consumption, but entering the industry of Escorting quickly taught me that femininity is all performance, and it became a performance as an Escort Girl to which I was adept.

Practically speaking, envying someone for prostituting or being an independent high class escort is like envying someone for eating at Taj. There are no bars to entry. You don�t have to be beautiful, young or sexually skilled. Those aspects might help, but there�s no entrance exam when it comes to sex work. You don�t have to prove yourself to do it, and doing it proves nothing about you as a sexual being. Yet I�m often called �brave� by those who e-mail me at, and this admiration is attributed to my perceived ability to shake off the constraints of polite society in pursuit of something stigmatized (and illegal). Most of this sentiment undoubtedly comes from the romantic quality bestowed on any taboo activity just by virtue of its being verboten, We�re taught from an early age to keep an eternally vigilant (and critical) eye on our appearance, and it takes a strong, studied will to refuse to pose the questions many of us have had running in our head since puberty: Is she prettier than me? Does he think I�m cute? There�s something almost merciful about finally having the clarity of a number, and once you�re an independent high class escort, you�ve quite literally put a price on your sexual powers. That�s an intimidating assignment for any young woman with a less than robust sense of self-esteem, but it can also be perversely satisfying: You�ve finally quantified your appeal.

Escorting work may also appear to require some type of sexual precocity, a high sex drive or at least the willingness to jump headfirst into unpredictable intimate situations, qualities that all hold cachet for my generation. We�ll be navigating the wake of �Girls Gone Wild� culture for some time, with its aggressive promotion of an anything goes attitude as the primary means to gender equality and sexual liberation.Sadly, the national debate on prostitution could more accurately be described as a shouting match. Any sex worker�s account of his or her own life that doesn�t involve drug addiction, abuse and tragedy is often immediately derided as sensationalistic, dishonest and dangerously misrepresentative by those who are categorically opposed to the sex industry. Prostitution is denigrated as a soul-crushing, life-ruining choice, but it�s simultaneously acknowledged to be deeply alluring. If these critics are to be believed, one positive story about hustling a businessman for some cash is so dangerous that virtually nothing will stop hordes of young women from shimmying into cocktail dresses and hitting hotel bars to taste that thrill for them selves.And maybe the critics are right. Women are still burdened with astounding, disproportionate pressure to be both attractive and sexually willing, so they look for arenas in which to prove themselves as such. I don�t think many of these curious women envision themselves prostituting for years or even a full 12 months. They don�t think about lying to their parents and their friends, or telling their friends and suddenly feeling even more alone. They certainly don�t envision the problems presented by trying to date while working or the necessary efforts they�ll have to take to avoid law enforcement. They can only imagine those candlelit moments over pricey dinners when a well-dressed man slips them an envelope and they know for a moment that they are good enough.There�s something profoundly human about wanting to be sexually valued, and it transcends genders. More than one young man has told me he envies my life, too. I suspect these young men are hinting at the same longing for affirmation as the young women who e-mail me. We all want to know that we matter, and being paid is one way of knowing we have value. It may be inelegant and often impersonal, but because money is quantifiable, its message is indisputable. Where do you go for reassurance if you doubt your physical and sexual desirability? Talk is cheap, so you take cash instead.

As revelations Sandhiya Rani continue, explains how she went from earning INR Two Lacs a Month selling her body � and why she regrets it so bitterly. To the casual onlooker, she was the wife of the wealthy businessman who was also staying at the hotel. But in reality Sandhiya Rani, is an independent high class escort Girl being paid INR 20,000/ Per Day by the married businessman to accompany him on his three-day trip. �My life was a whirlwind of parties and meeting wealthy men,� she recalls. �I rented a luxury flat in Indra Nagar, ate out in the best restaurants and stayed in top hotels.�I always bought beautiful Sarees and dressed in designer clothes, I really thought I had it all.� She adds: �As an independent high class escort I was often invited to parties, which would be full of wannabe WAGs. Like me, to the casual onlooker, they were just pretty girls dressed up to in � designer clothes. But the truth was many of these women at these glamorous parties were independent high class escort in Bangalore.�They knew these men had the money to pay incredibly well so they could have the sex they wanted �without emotional attachment.� Sandhiya Rani even hoped she might meet someone rich through her �job�. One day she imagined she might settle down and live the lifestyle with a huge house in White Fields and pampered children.And 18 months ago she even married one of her wealthy clients. Today, aged 30, and with her marriage over, Sandhiya Rain�s story serves as a warning to any woman who thinks being an independent high class escort is at all glamorous. �Not only have I been shunned by some family and friends, my past continues to haunt me,� says Sandhiya Rani, who is now again longer working as an independent high class escort girl at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience. �It is a myth you can be an �independent high class escort for a while and then meet a wealthy Gentle man and settle into wholesome family life. There will always be someone who will find out what you did. �And, being an independent high class escort for over ten years has made me mistrust men terribly � so much so that while I long to meet Mr. Right, I don�t know if I could ever trust him. At least 90% of men I met were married.�

Despite spending years in the business, Sandhiya Rani became an independent high class escort by accident. After �leaving school she went to work in an office in Koramangala, But by the time she was 21 she had worked her way up to a Secretary, earning INR Three lacs a year, and had even bought her own three-bed Room Flat at Halsoor with help of loan from SBI. But her life took an unexpected turn when, nine months after she began working as a Secretary, she lost her job. She says: �I took on temp work every day I used to read these ads for escorts. It sounds na�ve now but then I believed escorts really did just partner a man for a night out. �Before I�d lost my job I was in the middle of renovating my house. I was in such dire �financial straits I used to fantasize about how much �difference an extra INR 5000/ would make.� Finally Sandhiya Rani Mailed to the team at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience. �A man answered the phone and said he ran the agency with his girlfriend. He sounded very nice and we arranged to meet later that day at his office in Brigade Road.�I was very �reassured when I met his girlfriend, who was very pretty and was in Saree and had Homely Brahmin Looks. Certainly, I had no idea then she was an Escort too. She made escorting sound easy � most clients were regulars and were known to be safe.� She adds: �The girl did say some men might expect me to have sex with them, which I was shocked about. In fact, after I left the �interview� I thought I couldn�t go through with it. But my debts, home Loan in SBI were mounting up and in the end the money was too tempting.�

Sandhiya Rani�s first appointment was with a single man in his 40s. �I was shaking with nerves when I got to his house,� she says, �and when I saw him � he was short and pudgy � I was horrified at the thought of sleeping with him. But incredibly, he couldn�t manage it anyway and I came away with INR 10,000/ for two hours of doing nothing.�A few days later she did sleep with a client, a man in his 50s. �But it was so quick that by the time I left his house I�d forgotten I�d even had sex,� she says. Within months Sandhiya Rani had not only cleared her debts in SBI but was renting a luxury flat in Indra Nagar where, over the next few years, she entertained hundreds of men. �They all said their wives didn�t understand them,� she says. �Some men just wanted an educated woman to take to dinner. Others sadly just wanted someone to talk to. But the majority wanted no-strings sex.�Terrifyingly, however, some men became violent. �Just because a man has money or is attractive is no guarantee he won�t turn out to be frightening,� she recalls. �When men pay for sex they see the prostitute as a commodity, as a financial transaction. And for some men this means treating you any way they want. One man lashed out as soon as I walked into the room, knocking me out cold. Others would pull you around or rip your clothes. You feel terrified as you are at the �mercy of this man.�Yes, I travelled all over India and lived the high life at parties. But even wealthy men can be revolting sexually and there were many times I had to grit my teeth, mentally distance myself and just get on with it.� In fact the stress became so great that many times Sandhiya Rani planned to gave it up. �By now friends had found out and family too. My parents also suspected � they�ve been married all their lives and worked hard. �My dad was in the Army and my mum worked as Teacher in Middle School. It devastated them to think their daughter was selling herself. But the money always tempted me back,� she says.Then in January 2011 she met Satish. �He paid INR 20,000/ for a night out with dinner,� she says. A manager of a big company, he was good-looking and chatty. �He said he�d never booked an escort �before. We didn�t sleep together and when he suggested we met up the week after for a date and not a �booking, I agreed. �The night we met up I had a tingly feeling in my tummy � it was love at first sight.�

So much so that Sandhiya Rani immediately gave up independent high class escorting and within months, in March 2011, the pair married in Thirupathi. But the past continued to haunt them. �Satish was still jealous of my past and knowing I�d met him as a prostitute, I couldn�t trust him totally either. �He was suspicious that any bonus I earned through my office job was really me �escorting on the side. And I believe that men who�ve �visited a prostitute once will continue to do so. �The fact that Satish, for example, used an Escort Girl once and is still using them is no surprise to me at all. I know for a fact that these men never change. Many don�t even see visiting a Call Girl as being unfaithful.�And things got worse when Satish�s family discovered Sandhiya Rani past and they were so upset they cut Satish out of their lives,� she says. �They all hated me. They just couldn�t accept this was something from my past that I wanted to forget.� After a terrible row one night, Satish left the house and the couple have now split up.Fortunately, Sandhiya Rani has now gained more Strength �I am determined go back to independent high class escorting,� she says. �It might seem fun and harmless when you are young. But as you get older you realize what a seedy business it is. You can also look back and see how mentally damaging it is.Woman cannot be both an independent high class escort and a wife. Combine this with the fact that marriage can be an important source of income for women, and it follows that prostitution must pay better than other jobs to compensate for the opportunity cost of forgone marriage market earnings.Of course, prostitution exists in many forms in Bangalore, a lot of which no doubt involve the horrendous abuse of vulnerable women, often cruelly linked to tragic human trafficking. The lower end of the industry is, unarguably, scandalous, crime ridden and appallingly damaging. However, at a different, higher level, outright condemnation of prostitution is less simple and denies the reality that some women voluntarily choose Escorting as a means of earning a considerable income.

�We have a waiting list for independent high class escort's to work with us in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience. We provide a safe environment where they can earn, for themselves, around one lac a month for 21 days work. This is equivalent to the salary of a leading chief executive in Bangalore city.In the case of the Bangalore Girl Friend Experience, which has been running for four years now, security, privacy and discretion are of vital importance. All the girls have extensive, three weekly medical checks and 24 hour access to a lawyer. Drugs are forbidden, all the girls are voluntary and Bangalore Girl Friend Experience prides itself on repeat business.

For Sandhiya Rani, working in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience as a High end Escort Girl is a highly profitable way of earning money. She is 28 with an easy, attractive manner. Nothing is taboo (apart from her real identity),�So, I became one,� she says wryly, �although the first time I was paid for sex it was very scary and complicated.� Now, however, there is little that she will not do � if she is paid sufficient money � although she will not have sex without a condom .She prefers to work within the secure and discreet clients of Bangalore Girl Friend Experience and rarely goes out to hotels for appointments, although this can be more profitable.Sandhiya Rani is studying interior design at the moment and hopes to stop working as an independent high class escort soon. However, many top Escorts in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience say this but find the �easy� money too tempting and either never stop completely or reluctantly return to the work. It is not easy to accept scraping a living at some mundane, poorly paid job, when previously you were amongst some of the highest paid people in the country � and effectively working only nine months a year. That said, there is a higher level of prostitution � one that is extremely discreet and that involves top models and minor celebrities. These evidentially earn in excess of one lac a night,

In the hypocritical, upside-down world of individual morality, it is all too easy to reactively condemn voluntary prostitution. In fact, there are compelling practical arguments to suggest that legalization and regularization may actually help to clean up an industry which, at its worst, is diabolical and at best a necessary and unstoppable service. Certainly, by allowing prostitution to be so open, India should have the courage to go the next step and remove prostitution from its legal limbo and legalize and rigorously police it � to better protect all parties.

Top Tips for Husbands

Take time out to pay attention to your wife � both in and out of bed. Talk to your wife, be interested in her and be always gentle and romantic Don�t keep comparing your wife (in front of her) to other beautiful women on television, in magazines or on the street � accept her for who she is.

Top tips for Wives

Keep an open mind about sex and be prepared to talk about what he wants.
Be a lady outside the bedroom and a whore inside one
Never, for one moment, believe that any man is completely faithful.


Sandhiya Rani is Tamil and has been a top class independent high class escort for the past Five years. She claims to be nineteen but looks in her late twenties. She has raven black hair, beautiful skin, intelligent eyes and a truly stunning figure. She is �off-duty� and wearing tight, white�s jeans, pumps and a modest, sleeveless tee shirt. Sandhiya Rani makes direct eye contact, is confident and assured. She has a reputation as someone who is very independent.�The most that I earned in one night was INR 50,000/ � when I was with a man who paid INR Two lacs for four girls together. Normally, I charge INR 5,000/ for an hour but I do not like having more than 2-3 men a night, although some girls will have 6-8. Once, I had sex with 4 men in one day but that that was too much for me.I am always in demand in my team at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience and we have a lot of clients in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience who keeps coming back to me or who recommend me to others. I am special because I am very beautiful and there are not many independent high class escorts like me. Because of this I can easily earn one lac a month if I want to work hard. Normally, though, I work when I want to and I then choose my clients in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience carefully.�I prefer to date men who will pamper and treat me with the respect a true lady deserves. My life philosophy is to try everything at least once, and do the things I truly loved again and again. Considering my fearless attitude, outgoing personality, sexual curiosity, and genuine interest in good people leads me to where I am today in Bangalore, I expect my companion to be at least a little adventurous and curious about the world also. I always look for the very best in the new friends at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience that I meet and like to frequent myself with the type of gentlemen who always try and show their best. I love meeting new interesting and exciting people and prefer to cater to upscale gentlemen who know how to treat a lovely lady no matter if she is an independent high class escort with respect.

If you are a person of taste and class who longs to be in the company of a beautiful, articulate and sensual woman that can bring to you the simple... and not so simple pleasures of life - then I am the independent high class escort companion for you. It's very important to me that you enjoy our time together as much as I do and there will be no doubt that I enjoy what I do. I need to feel comfortable in any situation and will make you feel comfortable as well. I like the nightlife in Bangalore .Your time with me will be an unforgettable experience...comes see for your self.

You can count on my undivided and personal attention in any aspect of our time together. You will be royalty in my eyes and treated to all the things a man deserves. My companion services include exclusive and discreet escort companionship to gentlemen in need of special attention. I am a bit of a naughty flirt and enjoy showing off for you both in public and in private. You can expect to be welcomed with a sexy, warm, and pleasing smile, a gentle hug, a very adventurous and enthusiastic personality, intelligent meaningful conversation, and lots of special attention. I consider myself to be an "exclusive companion", meaning that I am a lady of the highest caliber, here for you to share your experiences with, and tell me your innermost, secret fantasies.Let me assure you that I am a 100% actual escort based in Bangalore, I expect you to be kind, courteous, and polite at all times and I will not accept anything less. I would not expect you, as the client, to accept anything less from me as an elite escort. The more respect you show me, the more I will have to offer you, but as far as consenting adults, we can be as naughty as hell.

You will immediately find me to be charming, elegant and classy, but in private you will find that I excel in the skills of slow seduction. I promise to make your days more adventurous, and your nights more pleasurable. I enjoy being a true fantasy independent high class escort and will provide those special moments you have just been dreaming about forever. And it is time to live your fantasy! Let me show you how your fantasies and dreams can come true. I am the woman you take home to your mother, as well as the evil temptress your mother warned you about! Whether you are interested in one hour, multiple hours, and a night in Bangalore town, a relaxing evening alone, I can meet your every need and exceed all expectations.